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Libyan official ties Morsi to Benghazi attack

A letter by a top Libyan official blames the attack that killed U.S. Ambassador Christopher Stevens on Mohamed Morsi, the now deposed president of Egypt.

WND has verified the authenticity of the letter by Col. Mahmoud al-Sharif, the chief of the Department of Security of the Libyan government in Tripoli, written four days after the attack on the U.S. compound in Benghazi.

The letter mentions Morsi as being implicated in the planning that led to the Benghazi attack and identifies the Egyptian jihadist group Ansar Sharia as the group responsible.

The letter discloses that the bodies of three Americans killed in the attack along with Ambassador Stevens were desecrated in revenge for the production of an anti-Islam film, assumed to be “Innocence of the Muslims.” The film was produced by the imprisoned Mark Basseley Yousef, the person the Obama administration erroneously claimed was responsible for triggering for attack itself.

White House press secretary Jay Carney confirmed Wednesday the Obama administration has no change in plans to deliver F-16s to the Egyptian military. The U.S. most likely will deliver four F-16s in August, with another eight slated for December. The deliveries are part of the continuing U.S. $1.5 billion in aid scheduled to be dispersed to Egypt in the current fiscal year, despite the military coup that ousted the Muslim Brotherhood-backed Morsi.

WND was among the first to report that Morsi and his Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt allegedly were involved in the Sept. 11, 2012, Benghazi attack. Videos of the attack posted on YouTube show several jihadists pleading in an Egyptian dialect of Arabic, “Don’t shoot, don’t shoot. Dr. Morsi sent us.”

The Libyan document corroborates an Arabic-language report two days after the attack, discovered by Arabic-speaking former Muslim Brotherhood member Walid Shoebat, and another, Oct. 5, 2012. The  reports presented evidence the radical Islamic broadcaster Al-Nas TV and radical Egyptian Islamic TV preacher Safwat Hijazi were behind the protests in Cairo and the attack in Benghazi.

The Libyan letter states, according to Shoebat’s translation: “The most distinguished names that were obtained from the confessions by members of the cell, is the person, the president of Egypt, Mohamed Morsi; Safwat Hijazi; Saudi businessman Mansour Bin Kadasa, the owner of Al-Nas TV station; Muhammad Hassan, previous candidate Hazim Salah Abu-Ismael; Egyptian attorney Mamdouh Ismael; Egyptian cleric Atef Abdul Rashid; and other personalities.”

Al-Sharif’s Nov. 15, 2012, letter, seen below, was addressed to the Libyan government’s Ministry of Interior in Tripoli.

Shoebat ‘s translation of the letter:

Ministry of Interior
National Security Directorate of Tripoli
Reference Number: 442.67D
Date: September 15, 2012

Report Regarding Egyptian Accomplice Terror Cell That Raided and Burned The American Embassy in the District of Benghazi

His Excellency and dignified Interior Minister, a blessed greetings.

We are honored to bring to his Excellency’s attention regarding the arrest of the Egyptian [terror] cell, which carried out the crime and our investigation up to this date and this hour. That is, after the carrying out of the crime of invading and burning the American general consulate building in the district of Benghazi which happened on Tuesday, September 11, 2012 which resulted in the killing of Mr. Chris Stevens, the American Ambassador in the nation of Libya and Mr. Sean Smith, who finances the Department of Information of the United States Foreign Service including other employees [working] for the embassy. Based on the confessions declared by some who were arrested at the scene of the incident and through our fruitful cooperation with the Department of Security agencies in Benghazi with the information obtained shows that some of the accomplices have escaped the scene of the crime and concentrated themselves in Tripoli. Based on this provided information, an investigative and research group in the agency gained a precise location of the whereabouts this escaped cell was hiding in the vicinity of Khilat Al-Farjan. Immediately after, they were engaged by a special strike force unit, which was able to arrest persons from the cell, all of whom are Egyptian. The initial investigation shows that the membership of the group [belongs] to the jihadist group Ansar Sharia in Egypt which was established and led by Egyptian cleric Marjan Salem. In addition, there were extremely crucial information as to the financial sources of this group and the planners and executers of the operation which carried out the breaking and entering of the American Consulate in Benghazi and killing all occupants including the desecration of their bodies in revenge for the film which was produced by the Crusaders who produced the film that insults the Messenger, Peace and Prayers be upon Him. The most distinguished names that were obtained from the confessions by members of the cell, is the person, the President of Egypt, Muhammad Morsi, Safwat Hijazy and Saudi businessman Mansour Bin Kadasa, the owner of Al-Nas TV station, Muhammad Hassan, previous candidate Hazim Salah Abu-Ismael, Egyptian attorney named Mamdouh Ismael, Egyptian cleric Atef Abdul Rashid, and other personalities. We also promise your Excellency to exert all our efforts to complete all the investigations and place the final report with your Excellency with 48 hours, Lord willing.

We are honored to announce to your Excellency our continual care to work hard with innovation through out blood and soul for the sake of Libya the land of the brave.

[Please] accept the highest greetings

Colonel Mahmoud al-Sharif,

Security Chief – Tripoli

[SEAL] Department of Security

[SEAL] Department of Security, Tripoli

Office of Chief of Security

Number: 960-13-B
Date: 12-09-15

Morsi’s ties to genocide in Sudan

Shoebat has documented Morsi’s close relationship with Lt. Gen. Omar Hassan Ahmad Al-Bashir, the president of Sudan.

On Sept. 16, 2012, five days after the Benghazi attack, Bashir flew to Cairo to meet with Morsi at the Presidential Palace in Cairo’s Heliopolis district to congratulate Morsi on being elected Egypt’s president the previous June and to discuss in person bilateral relations, including plans to inaugurate an Egypt-Sudan highway.

On May 4, 2013, at the conclusion of a trip to Sudan, Morsi held a joint press conference with Bashir in the capital, Khartoum, in which the two leaders announced an agreement with Ethiopia over the management of the Eastern Nile Basin that represents approximately 86 percent of the Nile waters.

Shoebat has described Bashir as “a modern Hitler,” an Islamic tyrant responsible for the deaths of over 3 million people, all in the name of jihad against Christians.

Shoebat has additionally discovered that Bashir, working in conjunction with Bashir’s uncle, Eltayeb Mustafa, supported a fatwa in 2011 declaring that it is the duty of every Muslim to persecute Christians. The fatwa provoked a mob of Muslim thugs working for Bashir’s National Party to attack Sudanese Christians on a Kambouni playground Oct. 10, 2011, and to set fire to a Christian church in Khartoum.

Now, more than 10 years after the genocide in Darfur, the International Criminal Court, or ICC, has arrest warrants outstanding for Bashir and other Sudanese officials. The Bashir regime continues to bomb and burn civilian structures in South Kordofan and Blue Nile. The tribal regions, which include many Arabic-speaking Christians, have been the targets of what the ICC characterizes as continuing crimes against humanity.

On Sept. 11, 2012, the day of the attack on the U.S. compound at Benghazi, mobs of Islamic radicals attacked the U.S. Embassy in Cairo.

Shoebat was the first to report Bashir was behind the mobs of Islamic radicals that raided the British, German and American embassies in Khartoum around the same time.

WND has reported that the attacks by Islamic radicals in North Africa on Sept. 11, 2012, including the attacks on Benghazi and on embassies in Cairo and Khartoum, were in response to a video released Sept. 10, 2012, by al-Qaida chief Ayman al-Zawahiri. The video message called on Muslims to retaliate for a U.S. drone strike that killed Libyan al-Qaida leader Abu Yahya al-Libi in Pakistan’s Waziristan tribal area June 4, 2012.

Obama’s brother’s ties to Bashir

Shoebat has also reported that President Obama’s older brother, Malik Obama, is deeply associated with Bashir, despite Bashir’s involvement in the 2011 attack on the U.S. Embassy in Khartoum

Malik is the executive secretary for the Islamic Dawa Organization, or IDO, in Khartoum, which aims to help expand Wahhabist Islam in the African subcontinent, Shoebat noted.

Malik Obama and Bashir attended the General Conference of the Islamic Council of South Sudan and a meeting of the Board of Trustees of the Islamic Dawa Organization at which Bashir said “the enemies of Islam who attempt to impose hegemony and make a siege and to encourage plots (and evil measures) toward Sudan will fail.”

Malik Obama appears to share Bashir’s anti-Christian views. The Dawa organization of which he is executive secretary has stated in writing that “Muslims in Kenya suffer from the great challenge of the tyranny of the church which is known for aggression.”

Shoebat has noted Bashir’s expressed desire to make Sudan’s new constitution “100 percent Islamic,” operating under the rule of Islamic law, or Shariah.

WND has reported that funds contributed in the U.S. to a non-profit foundation run by Malik Obama have been diverted to support Malik’s multiple wives in Kenya.