MSNBC anchor Rachel Maddow is going full throttle as she mocks WND Editor Joseph Farah and others who question the eligibility of Barack Obama to be president of the United States.

Farah is a guest speaker this weekend at the FreedomFest event taking place in Las Vegas, and Maddow, an outspoken lesbian who champions left-leaning political causes, took to the air to make fun of Farah and others scheduled to speak.

Joseph Farah

“You can add in a keynote speech by the guy so handsome he makes you remember there’s an ‘o’ in the word mustachioed: Joseph Farah from WorldNetDaily, your home for the most-trusted reference material on how President Obama is a gay Muslim murderer and obviously foreign,” Maddow declared.

“Publisher of all the birther books, author of the foreword to the book “Where’s the Birth Certificate?” He will be the keynote speaker at the Libertarian/Republican conference this weekend and he will be doing that keynote speech alongside Senator Rand Paul. Senator Rand Paul with the birther guy, both keynoting FreedomFest in Las Vegas, down the block from the other big Republican event in Las Vegas this weekend which also includes prominent Republican members of congress including the third-ranking Republican in all of Congress and a sitting United States senator.”

Maddow also targeted Wayne Allyn Root, the 2008 Libertarian vice-presidential nominee and author of “The Ultimate Obama Survival Guide,” who spoke at a nearby GOP gala sponsored by the Republican Women’s Southern Nevada PAC.

“Wayne Allyn Root is a draw in conservative politics because he says he has proof, he has proof, he has firsthand knowledge that President Obama is secretly foreign. The president is secretly not an American, and, therefore, secretly unbeknownst to a duped nation, he is a foreign imposter usurper president only pretending to actually be president.”

She continued her attack, focusing on the Republican Party for “spotlighting the most ambitious Republican federal officeholders in the nation alongside the nation’s leading proponents of the theory that our country’s first black president could not possibly be American, he must be secretly foreign, his presidency is illegitimate and it’s a giant conspiracy. When Republicans talk to each other about how to spend their time, especially in states like Nevada where elections have been pretty close, where Republicans conceivably could have a shot at being competitive in a national race if they could figure out a way to broaden their appeal, when Republicans talk about these things, do they ever talk about how stuff like they’re doing this weekend in Las Vegas might interfere with the whole broadening the party’s appeal thing? Do you guys ever talk about Joseph Farah being at your events? Does that ever come up?”

Farah responded to Maddow’s rant, saying: “If you want to get an idea of how the state-run press will look in Maddow’s Stalinist dream world, you can get a pretty good idea just by watching her show. She smears people with fallacious accusations, offers no opportunity for another point of view, is afraid to invite her targets on to mix it up with her and relies on name-calling and personal attacks rather than anything remotely connected to facts. But at least she called me handsome. I guess some facts are undeniable – especially if you’re going to use a picture.”

Rachel Maddow of MSNBC

Root also sounded off on Maddow’s comments, telling WND: “Obama has destroyed the economy so badly, more people are on food assistance (101 million) than working in the private sector (97 million). Ninety million working-age, able-bodied Americans are not working.

“Meanwhile Obama has desperately tried to kill the school voucher program in D.C. even though it has produced a 97 percent graduation rate vs. 55 percent in public schools. He isn’t happy just killing your present. He is focused on killing your children’s future.

“But Rachel Maddow thinks Wayne and Joseph are evil and should be shunned for asking questions about the man destroying all these lives. Maybe more people should be asking questions.”

As WND has reported, the Obama administration-friendly MSNBC has taken a stunning ratings crash dive – averaging a dismal 175,000 viewers in the adults 25-54 demographic.

The network is struggling with double-digit drops from May 2012, with viewership down approximately 20 percent. It had only 539,000 viewers in primetime.

The Hollywood Reporter noted this month that MSNBC is currently seeing its worst viewership totals since 2007.

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