Race violence alarms, before Zimmerman verdict

By Colin Flaherty

(Editor’s note: Colin Flaherty has done more reporting than any other journalist on what appears to be a nationwide trend of skyrocketing black-on-white crime, violence and abuse. WND features these reports to counterbalance the virtual blackout by the rest of the media due to their concerns that reporting such incidents would be inflammatory or even racist. WND considers it racist not to report racial abuse solely because of the skin color of the perpetrators or victims.) Videos linked or embedded may contain foul language and violence.

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Al [Sharpton] and Jesse [Jackson] may worry that the acquittal of George Zimmerman will usher in a new era of white-on-black violence in America.

After all, the local CBS affiliate is reporting that police officers already are training for violence.

“There has been some talk among the officers that we believe that this training has to do with the fact that there might be some type of civil unrest, but we are hoping that that doesn’t happen,” said Javier Ortiz with the Fraternal Order of Police.

The affiliate also said in Broward County, “the sheriff has released a series of public service announcements to preempt any possible violence. In one video a group of teens are lined up in front of the camera. Two teenagers shout out lines such ‘Raise your voice! And not your hands. We need to stand together as one, no cuss, no guns. Let’s give violence a rest because we can easily end up arrested.'”

WND previously reported how officers in Sanford, Fla., were going door-to-door-to-door, trying to prevent a backlash in the community when the verdict comes down in the case against Zimmerman, who actually is Hispanic even though the media have portrayed him as white.

Said Sanford Police Chief Cecile Smith, “Our worst fear is that we’d have people from outside the community coming in and stirring up … violence.”

Authorities are seeking help from local pastors in their campaign, too.

But there are many who are wondering when the national media will stop ignoring the racially charged murders and violence in their parts of the country.

Here are five cases often mentioned:

1. In Mableton, Ga., late last month, four black people allegedly beat Joshua Chellew, then pushed him into the street to be hit by a car. The four have been charged with murder.

Because Chellew, a white man, was with a black woman, some insist this was part of a pattern violence and resentment against inter-racial dating.

Christelyn Karazin is the author the best seller, “Swirling, How to Date, Mate and Relate: Mixing Race, Culture and Creed.” Karazin says many black men are not marriage material so more black women should date white men.

Karazin’s blog, BeyondBlackandWhite.com, is full of postings from black women and white men talking about the problems black people give them for dating outside their race.

Says Karazin on the killing of Chellew:

I have been warning of this for years, and sadly it looks like the ‘blacklash’ against black women and white men having romantic relationships has begun.

And the violence isn’t coming from white people, it’s coming from feral, black man-child BEASTS who think they own the vaginas of all black women, for them to use, impregnate and leave to raise more fatherless, angry children who may or may not join the ranks of Blackistan soldiers hell bent on the subjugation of black women.

Despite Karazin’s claims, a friend of the alleged killers assures us there was nothing racial about the killing: Says James Clarkson to the Fox affiliate in Atlanta:

“forgive the sinner. forgive and forget. i personally knew the guys that are arrest and to tell you the truth the were not racist idk why they did that to the man though but it sure was not a hate crime so therefore don’t treat it as one.”

Karazin points to the recent case in London of a black man attacking a black woman for having an inter-racial child.

She also says that in Riverside County, Calif., the recent conviction of three black men (members of the United States Marine Corps) for killing and robbing an inter-racial couple was also racially motivated. So does the (white) victim’s mother. The fourth awaits trial.

In Savannah last year, three black men beat and almost killed Andrew Quade. His black girlfriend said the crime was racially motivated because Quade was dating a black woman.

One of Karazin’s readers called for an “exposé addressing black men and their street harassment of interracial couples.”

Starting in Mableton.

2. In Indianapolis, Glenn Beard is awaiting trial for the killing of Jarrell Tucker. Beard is a 56-year old white man. Tucker was 13 years old when he died last summer.

For many in Indianapolis, the case is a mirror image of the George Zimmerman trial.

On one side, Beard and his relatives claim that Tucker and his friends robbed and assaulted them on several occasions. Including immediately before the killing. Tucker’s mom said her son was killed in cold blood for no reason.

Beard is a convicted felon, just a few years out of state prison where he did time for weapons, violence and drug charges.

Tucker also has a history of violence and theft. According to the local NBC afflilate, “Jarrell Tucker has also had run-ins with police. Records show that he has been arrested at least six times. The most serious arrest happened July 30, 2012, when officers took Tucker and four other teenagers into custody on robbery-related charges.”

After Beard was arrested, his house was set on fire. Twice.

The trial is set for later this year. Lots of people in Indianapolis – black and white – wonder where the national attention is.

3. In Columbia, S.C., earlier this month, three black people were arrested for the alleged killing of Kelly Lynn Hunnewell, a single mother of four.

Hunnewell was working in a wholesale bakery when two of the hoodie-wearing black people entered and shot her as the third kept watch outside. There was no money on the premises.

Columbia has been the scene of several cases of hyper-violent black-mob on white assaults. Often mentioned is the case of Curtis Strange, who sustained brain damage after encountering a mob of black people who had been stalking white people that night to assault them.

They left Strange with his face beaten unrecognizable. Five of the perpetrators were tried as juveniles and placed on probation until their 18th birthday. The oldest was sentenced to 15 years.

The case is documented in the book “White Girl Bleed a Lot: The return of racial violence and how the media ignore it.”

4. In Knoxville, Tenn., this case is an open wound: The 2007 carjacking, torture, rape and murder of Christopher Newsom and his girlfriend Channon Christian.

The local media hesitates to publish some of the details of the case. With good reason: They are as grisly as investigators have ever come across.

You can find some of the details here, if you must.

Seven years and six trials after the slaughter, the last case concluded in May with the conviction of all five black people involved.

Even so, locals want to know why the national media ignore it.

5. In Cincinnati, six “bored” black teenagers beat and almost killed Pat Mahaney last summer. They did it for fun.

Two have pleaded guilty. One was sentenced to community service and probation until he was 21 years old. Another received a similar sentence after he promised the judge he would “focus on school” and “avoid negative influences.” The judge also required him to do a 10-page book report on Ben Carson’s “Healing Hands.”

Another teen, while home under house arrest, was arrested again a few months ago for assault after he accused of beating a boy and stealing his iPhone.

From WND last year: “They were pretty arrogant in the interview with us,” said North College Hill Police Chief Gary Foust. “This appears to be premeditated and there was no remorse on behalf of the assailants.”

In New London, Conn., last year, six black men were sentenced after being found guilty in connection with the beating and stabbing death of Matthew Chew. They said they were bored.

But several received light sentences after they promised the judge they would be good in the future.

See the Big List of black mob violence.

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