No matter what the verdict is in the Trayvon Martin case, it will likely not end with the mere acquittal or conviction of George Zimmerman. As this column goes to press, the jury has begun deliberating but adjourned for the day.

As important as the case is for George Zimmerman and the family of Trayvon Martin, as well as a host of black vigilantes and some television commentators like Nancy Grace of HLN/CNN, who have characteristically profited by and overly milked the tragedy for ratings, the most troubling aspect of this sad saga is the way the justice system has “performed.”

White Florida State Attorney Angela Corey should have never brought this case. Despite exculpatory evidence of a struggle between George Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin that resulted in demonstrable wounds to Zimmerman’s head and body, and conflicting witness accounts of which one screamed for help in the tussle, and who was on top beating up his adversary, this political legal hack, facing re-election and the pressure of radical black activists, swore out an arrest warrant and criminal complaint that was false for its incompleteness – since it failed even to mention this exculpatory evidence. Even liberal Harvard Law professor Alan Dershowitz called this an outrage and suggested that it was Corey and not Zimmerman who had acted criminally. As a result, I presented a criminal indictment to an Ocala, Fla., Citizens’ Grand Jury on June 25, 2013, and it was unanimously voted out by a jury of Corey’s peers. Here is what I said shortly after the indictment was handed down:

“By indicting Florida State Attorney Angela Corey, the people are exercising their God-given rights, recognized by our Founding Fathers, to mete out justice when the political and legal establishment subverts the rule of law. Hopefully, this indictment will serve as a warning to the political and legal establishment that they are not above the law. Ironically, Corey will now be tried and likely convicted for her alleged crimes – which resulted in Zimmerman being charged under false pretenses. Corruption cannot be tolerated, particularly by law enforcement officers who are elected by the people to serve their ends, not the law enforcement officer’s political ends. Corey perverted the rule of law to further her re-election campaigns by bowing to the will of black activists, and she must be held accountable for her criminal acts in order to preserve the integrity of the Florida justice system.”

But no matter how fraudulently this case began, matters got only worse when the state of Florida failed to either dismiss the criminal complaint when this exculpatory evidence became public or hold any serious plea negotiations with Zimmerman to gracefully save face and take an exit stage left. It became apparent that the state simply could not let go of a case that had become so seriously racially charged. It was a prime example, ironically, of how much the nation had changed since the days of widespread racial discrimination against blacks in southern states like Florida. Now, decades later, it falls on non-blacks like Zimmerman to bear the brunt of discrimination, as even white prosecutors and judges cower at the thought of having to “answer” to the black power structure, led by our anti-white, racist president, Barack Hussein Obama. Not coincidentally, the “racist in chief” had injected himself into the politics of the case at the outset, when he boasted publicly that he wished that he had had a son like Trayvon. This sent a signal to the legal establishment that it better bend over backwards to placate the black community and ignore the rule of law.

Not surprisingly, during the trial, even the prosecution’s key witnesses disclosed additional evidence buttressing Zimmerman’s claim of “self-defense.” It became apparent that the state of Florida could not come close to overcoming the “beyond a reasonable doubt” legal standard to acquit Zimmerman. However, the white trial judge predictably refused to grant a defense motion to throw the case out after the conclusion of the prosecution’s case – prolonging the agony for Zimmerman and any person who believes in the rule of law and justice. Again, the white legal establishment had gone into a “crouch position” at the thought of black wrath.

And then, to add insult to injury, the white trial judge bowed again to racial pressure and granted a prosecution motion to include the lesser charge of manslaughter in the jury instructions, just in case, God forbid, Zimmerman is acquitted of the second degree murder charge. Manslaughter, a much lower legal standard than second degree murder, is defined under Florida law as “the killing of a person by the act, procurement, or culpable negligence of another, without lawful justification.”

In sum, the white legal establishment composed of prosecutors and judges has offered up pawn George Zimmerman as a “human sacrifice” to the black activists, led by President Obama, who want to see the young man “hang.” No matter what the ultimate verdict, this case will stand as a sickening testament to the corruption inherent in not only our legal system, but the body politic as a whole of our once-great nation.

This is one more reason why we are at the brink of another 1776.

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