George Zimmerman, center, is on trial for the murder of Trayvon Martin.

PALM BEACH, Fla. – As the murder trial of George Zimmerman in the shooting death of Trayvon Martin heads toward a conclusion, radio powerhouse Rush Limbaugh says the case should never have been prosecuted.

“This is a trial that should not even be occurring,” Limbaugh declared on his national radio program Wednesday.

“This is a trial occurring because the [Obama] administration wants to promote racial division in this country. I don’t know how else to describe this. There’s no case here.”

Zimmerman, 29, is accused of second-degree murder in the February 26, 2012, death of Martin, a 17-year-old from Miami who was staying with his father in Sanford, the Central Florida town where Zimmerman lived.

Limbaugh noted that when Barack Obama was campaigning to be president and once he was elected to office, many people presumed America’s racial divide would finally be a thing of the past.

“Obama’s gonna unite us and all of this racial strife is gonna end. All of this racism and this perceived racism is gonna end,” Limbaugh said was the prevailing theme.

“And we had a bunch of white people hoping that it would show that they’re not racist, to finally prove it, wipe out the vestiges of slavery and the world was gonna love us. How’s that working out in terms of American foreign policy?”

“And we’re gonna end all this partisanship, we’re gonna be unified, we’re gonna work together toward a common goal, we’re gonna have politics like it’s never been done before, we’re actually going to accomplish things, we’re going to focus on jobs, we’re gonna get people back to work.

“Not one thing that people were led to believe would happen has even come close to happening. And the Limbaugh Theorem proves that Obama remains unattached from the failures that he has orchestrated.”

Limbaugh also expressed outrage about a report that a division of the U.S. Department of Justice was dispatched to Sanford, Fla., in 2012 to provide assistance for anti-Zimmerman protests, including a rally led by activist Al Sharpton.

The Community Relations Service, a division of DOJ, reported expenses related to its deployment in Sanford to help manage protests between March and April 2012, according to documents obtained by the watchdog group Judicial Watch.

Judicial Watch also obtained an audio recording of a “community meeting” held at Second Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church in Sanford on April 19, 2012. The meeting, which led to the ouster of Sanford’s Police Chief Bill Lee, was scheduled after a group of college students calling themselves the “Dream Defenders” barricaded the entrance to the police department demanding Lee be fired. According to the Orlando Sentinel, DOJ employees with the CRS had arranged a 40-mile police escort for the students from Daytona Beach to Sanford.

“These documents detail the extraordinary intervention by the Justice Department in the pressure campaign leading to the prosecution of George Zimmerman,” said Tom Fitton, president of Judicial Watch. “My guess is that most Americans would rightly object to taxpayers paying government employees to help organize racially charged demonstrations.”

Limbaugh was incensed at the report, saying, “DOJ documents proving the DOJ was down there basically fanning the flames of protests, busing protesters in with police escorts.”

“It’s outrageous. It’s unconstitutional. I can’t think of a proper descriptive here to express the anger I have,” Limbaugh concluded.

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