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Stunning rescue from pouncing black mob

In the wake of George Zimmerman’s acquittal , multiple “Justice for Trayvon” demonstrations and related acts of violence have been reported nationwide.

Some protesters were satisfied with making statements, such as Stevie Wonder’s proclamation that he will not perform in Florida until it eliminates its self-defense “Stand Your Ground” law.

But others got more physical. One such place was in Milwaukee, where a 34-year-old white male was attacked because “people angry with what happened to Trayvon Martin.”

Milwaukee NBC affiliate TWMJ reports the 34-year-old – who asked that only his first name, Chris, be used – was beaten by a dozen black teens and ultimately saved by a Good Samaritan who was also black.

“I was just being pummeled from every direction I could imagine,” said Chris.

Chris said he was walking to the bus stop Sunday evening after visiting a friend when about a dozen back teens attacked him.

“At some point during the assault I blacked out for about a minute,'”Chris explained.

The station reported Chris didn’t get a good look at the attackers because he was being punched and kicked.

“I know what the guy said: ‘This is for Trayvon Martin,’ because he was right in my face, and after he said it he punched me right in the mouth,” Chris told the station.

A neighbor, T.J. Jackson, told WTMJ he could see what was happening.

“They knew what they were doing,” Jackson said. “They didn’t want to rob him or anything like that, they just wanted to beat him up and make a statement and it wasn’t a good statement.”

Chris reported the beating stopped only when a Good Samaritan arrived and the mob fled.

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“This is a remarkable story because not only was I attacked by African Americans, but I got saved by one as well,” Chris said.

He said he’d like to meet again the man who saved him.

“I did thank him but I wished I knew what his name was, because I really would like to thank him again,” he told the station.

Prior to the Zimmerman verdict Saturday, a white street performer was attacked outside the Milwaukee Summerfest on June 26 for “playing black music” on her saxophone.

Fox 6 Milwaukee reported 26-year-old Cassandra Struve became a target on opening night while she was playing an old jazz song, “Minnie the Moocher.”

Struve says three African American women confronted her and shouted that a white girl could not play the song.

“A lady with a child in her hand came up to me, smacked me in my face and said ‘don’t play that,'” she said.