Islamist terrorists set off car bombs in Jaramana, Syria, a predominately Christian town near Damascus, this month. The terrorist bombers were the so-called Syrian “rebels” supported by President Barack Obama and Sen. John McCain. Obama is supplying the “rebels” with arms and training to overthrow the secular government of Syrian President Bashar Assad.

In Jaramana, the car bombs killed 10 civilians and injured 66 more, including children. Nearly 100,000 Iraqi Christian refugees, who fled their homeland after the U.S.-led invasion overthrew the secular dictatorship of Iraq in 2003, live in and around Jaramana.

The bombing was one of several against the Jaramana Christian community during the three year civil war in which Islamist rebels have been supported by the United States, the European Union, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and al-Qaida. In November of 2012, the so-called Syrian “rebels” used dual car bombs to kill 44 and injure hundreds in Jaramana. Using al-Qaida tactics, the terrorists set a second car bomb, which exploded when rescue workers arrived to care for the wounded.

Both the Al Nusrah Front, which is funded by the government of Qatar, and the Islamic State of Iraq have used car bombs in Christian areas of Damascus and Aleppo to kill civilians who are not a part of the civil war. The Islamists portray the civilian Christians and Druze as “enemy dogs” because they have refused to convert to Islam and join the jihad against Syria’s secular president. A car bomb in Damascus in July also killed several children.

In September of 2012 the “Grandsons of the Prophet Brigade” bombed a grade school in Damascus, stating that the killing of 29 kids “pleased Allah” because they were the children of military families. The Obama administration did not protest the killings of the children, and no resolution condemning this cowardly attack was offered at the United Nations.

The Western media have depicted the Islamist thugs who terrorize the Christian community as democratic “rebels” when in fact the majority of those fighting the secular government of Syria are jihadists from all over the world. On July 28 in a battle near Daraa, Syria, jihadists from Chechnya, Jordan and Saudi Arabia were killed by the Syrian army.

The bodies of dead jihadists in Syria have yielded passports from all over the world, including France, Germany, Sweden, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, the United States and even Australia. The rebels have even posted videos of jihadist fighters from China. Many of the fighters also come from Syria’s neighbors – Jordan, Turkey, Qatar and Saudi Arabia.

One American jihadist, a 33-year-old Michigan woman who had converted to Islam, was shot by Syrian forces along with two other members of an al-Qaida-influenced terrorist group in May of this year. Nicole Lynn Mansfield’s American passport was found with her body, and her identity was confirmed by the FBI.

Kuwait, a nation the United States fought to free from Saddam Hussein, is a hotbed for supplying jihadists to fight in Syria. “We are collecting money to buy all these weapons, so that our brothers will be victorious,” hard-core Sunni Islamist Sheikh Shafi’ Al-Ajami of Kuwait said on television in June of this year, listing the black-market prices of weapons, including heat-seeking missiles, anti-aircraft guns and rocket-propelled grenades. When Al-Ajami said about the Shiite Muslims supporting the government of Syria, “We slaughtered them with knives,” shouts of “God is Great!” could be heard from the crowd behind him.

Chechen “rebels” fighting in Syria have posted videos of themselves beheading those who failed to obey Shariah law in villages they had captured.

Also in July the horrid video of the beheading of a Catholic priest, Father Franҫois Mourad, was posted on Youtube by the proud “rebels” who want to eliminate all Christians, not just in Syria but throughout the Middle East.

The Islamist friends of Barack Obama and John McCain don’t care who they kill or maim in the war to overthrow the secular government of Syria. These bloodthirsty Islamist thugs are fighting jihad to obtain their 72 virgins in paradise by killing “infidels.”

Sens. Rand Paul, Ted Cruz and Mike Lee have valiantly spoken out against further arms being sent to the war-torn nation of Syria, but more elected officials need to speak out. America should not send any support to these al-Qaida-linked terrorist killers. Whatever weapons Americans provide will be used first against Christians in Syria, then against Jews in Israel and eventually against America.

The Syrian “rebels” are part of a global war against the West by Islamists. They seek the destruction of human rights and the establishment of Shariah law worldwide under a caliphate.

Tragically, the Obama administration has allied itself with the enemies of freedom and of Western civilization. Americans should urgently contact their congressman and senators, demanding that President Obama and his Senate be stopped from continuing to arm the Islamists fighting the secular government of Syria.

I have prepared a video editorial with actual photos of the victims of the Jaramana attack on Christians; the video includes a plea for concerned Americans to stop the arming of the jihadist thugs in Syria. Action is needed now.

Here is the video:

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