Blowback from the recent verdict acquitting George Zimmerman of second-degree murder in the Feb. 26, 2012, death of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin defies all logic and common sense but is an object lesson in the duplicity and opportunism of the radical left. This would include the Obama administration, which is attempting to use contrived activism to attenuate the scrutiny under which it finds itself, as well as advancing its gun control agenda and dividing Americans.

Activists and the press made the Martin-Zimmerman tragedy about race; any argument to the contrary is based either in politics or gross misinformation. Thus, due to politics, gross misinformation (as well as outright propaganda and the most outrageous lies) abounded from the outset.

George Zimmerman, who is not white, was represented as a predatory, slavering white bigot. Trayvon Martin was portrayed as a smiling, carefree waif, skipping home to enjoy his iced tea and Skittles. Both made fatal errors of judgment that night, but the fact is that with the exception of some misconceptions Martin had about Zimmerman (that he was white, for example), there was no consideration of race prior to the shooting, and no racial profiling on Zimmerman’s part. Lies were told by the press, politicos and activists; news networks manipulated evidence; and President Obama fueled the fires of division with his now-famous “If I had a son, he’d look like Trayvon.”

The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) is using the verdict as its biggest opportunity to remain relevant in quite a few years. Overlooking the facts of the case entirely, it is perpetuating the racism and profiling angle, as well as pressuring the Department of Justice to file civil rights charges against Zimmerman despite a year-long investigation by the FBI that yielded no racial overtones whatsoever in the case.

As an aside, this begs such questions as whether the NAACP ought to be considered sexist inasmuch as it is calling into question the conclusions of Zimmerman’s all-female jury. Trivial, yes, but of course this is just the sort of toothless claim upon which liberals love to seize. Where is the National Organization for Women (NOW)? Oughtn’t they be publicly chastising the NAACP for its impudence? I guarantee that had this been a high-profile case of less political flavor, they would be politicizing it for this very reason. We are not likely to see this, since special interests under the progressive umbrella generally understand that they are to lay by their dish and “take one for the team” for the sake of the agenda at large.

And the DOJ? Despite a tarnished reputation due to its involvement in recent scandals and the criminal rot that increasing numbers of Americans are beginning to observe within the department, Attorney General Eric Holder is trying to build a case for civil rights violations against George Zimmerman. In citing public pressure, he uses a straw man argument as well as blatant propaganda, since it is the administration’s surrogates that are creating said pressure to start with. Holder has also urged re-examination of “Stand Your Ground” laws. This is specious, because the Zimmerman trial was not a SYG case – but compromising such laws would necessarily dilute Americans’ Second Amendment rights.

Never let a good crisis – even if it’s manufactured – go to waste

All of this takes tremendous gall, given that the DOJ has been implicated in facilitating anti-Zimmerman protests in the days following the shooting. As expected, President Obama came forward as the voice of reason in public while continuing to orchestrate racial division behind the scenes.

There is no more need to enumerate the nefarious activities and policies from which the Obama administration wishes to divert our attention than there is in detailing the fallacy of perceiving racism in the Martin-Zimmerman case. It is an inherently criminal enterprise, forged in the fires of Chicago’s political machine and captained by long-time dedicated communists. The DOJ is the most prominent offender, followed close behind by the NSA and other federal agencies, and it is all representative of this administration’s policies.

In the days following Trayvon Martin’s shooting up through the present, radical leftist groups have insinuated themselves into the process. The New Black Panther Party (NBPP), which was on the scene from the start, has a Marxist core philosophy, as (obviously) does the Revolutionary Communist Party USA (Revcom), which was extremely vocal leading up to the verdict and has been ever since. It bears mentioning that these two groups are using identical talking points with regard to their outrage against the Zimmerman verdict, as are other key activist groups currently ginning up public outrage. Cultural balkanization is how Marxists have always subjugated the pre-eminent societal paradigm, which is why these groups – and the administration – have so dedicatedly sought to divide us.

As I’ve been saying for five years, groups like the NBPP and Revcom knew when Barack Obama was inaugurated that they now had a friend in the White House. Why? Because along with other organizations (such as the Muslim Brotherhood) dedicated to the destruction of America as we know it, Obama, Holder and their colleagues have had working relationships with them for decades. In fact, when they were in college – Obama and Company were them. They simply went on to law school, donned suits and began calling themselves “progressives.”

If we can wake Americans up to that, my friends, then we may really begin to make some progress.

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