I just ran across an article concerning the Democrats’ plan to take back the House. One of the comments was, “I’m more worried about the Republicans’ plan to give back the House.”

Is that not the truth?!

I ran across one of those usual lists of candidates the Republicans are threatening to run in 2016. I keep being asked, “What do you have against Sarah Palin?” It isn’t that I’d suspect she’d make every mistake in the book; it’s that she’d discover ways of screwing up that no one can come near imagining.

I don’t see any sort of sharpness with Rand Paul. Since I was a little kid in school, I’ve never hit anyone, nor has anyone taken a swing at me — so far. I don’t go looking for trouble, but if I were to start, Rand Paul strikes me as someone I could take. This isn’t to say I’d enjoy pummeling the guy. I’m on his side against gigantic pants, but what was with that beer summit proposal? If a guy like Christie takes a swing at you, your counter move had better involve brass knuckles.

“So,” I keep getting asked, “Who would you support?”

I can think of two names: Betsy McCaughey and Tom McClintock. No one seems to be talking about either of them as a possible candidate to run against Hillary.

I know if the Republicans put up Jeb Bush, I’ve got my shrug all warmed up and ready. I can see us all having a really calm time of it. At a certain point, even the people who voted for McCain and Romney aren’t going to bother.

Tim Lund

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