As House Speaker John Boehner continues refusing to approve a select committee to investigate the terrorist attack in Benghazi, Libya, some are beginning to speculate the Ohio Republican has reasons of his own to suppress what really happened on Sept. 11, 2012.

Over the weekend, former Democrat pollster Patrick Caddell and former Republican Congressman John LeBoutillier, co-hosts of the Fox News Channel’s “Political Insiders,” suggested Boehner may indeed be involved in a “cover-up.”

“John Boehner [has] been purposefully suppressing anything on Benghazi because he knew what we found out this week, and he approved it,” Caddell speculated. “These CIA teams on the ground [were] sending weapons from Libya through Turkey to Syrian rebels without congressional approval.”

Indeed, CNN reported this past week that the CIA had dozens of people in Benghazi on the night of the attack and that the agency has gone to “unprecedented” lengths to make sure what they were doing there remains a secret.

Caddell’s charges echo speculation on Capitol Hill, as reported by CNN, that as many as 35 CIA operatives were in Benghazi, engaged in a program first reported by WND two weeks after the Benghazi attack to secure jihadist fighters and weapons for the Syrian rebellion.

Boehner and other GOP leaders thus far are contending the current investigation of the scandal is sufficient.

“Four committees are heavily involved in this,” Boehner told Fox News in May, rebuffing a call for a devoted select committee. “I don’t think at this point in time that it’s necessary. Now, we may get to a point where it is. But at this point, I think our committees are doing a very good job, and I’m going to be supportive of them.”

But the investigation, now almost a year old, has yet to reveal who was on the ground in Benghazi, what they were doing, where they are now or and why the White House didn’t authorize force to defend the diplomatic mission, including U.S. Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens, who was killed and dragged through the streets as part of the attack.

“That’s the thing,” fellow host John LeBoutillier answered Caddell. “Why won’t the Congress want to get at the truth of this thing? … That’s a cover-up of something.”

Caddell and LeBoutillier’s comments can be heard in the video below:

On his July 23 program, talk radio host Mark Levin threw out a similar accusation, namely that Boehner and President Obama must have “cut some kind of a deal” not to allow the truth out about Benghazi.

“John Boehner does not want to get to the bottom of what took place in Benghazi,” Levin opined. “He’s been asked over and over again by a majority of the Republicans in the House to set up a special investigative committee, as is the tradition in these types of investigations. So you concentrate expertise and resources and time in one special committee rather than multiple committees that are also investigating other matters and overseeing other matters and handling bills and so forth.”

He continued, “It’s obvious at this point, ladies and gentlemen, that we have to draw a very sad conclusion: John Boehner does not want to know what took place in Benghazi on that horrific day. And I’m honestly starting to think that he’s cut some kind of deal with Obama, because why else would he do this?”

Levin’s full comments can be heard below:

As WND has reported, the majority of House Republicans are now bucking their own speaker in demanding a select committee investigation.

Rep. Frank Wolf, R-Va., has introduced H.Res. 36, which would establish a select committee to investigate and report on the Benghazi attack. Since its introduction, the resolution has accumulated 163 cosponsors, but Boehner has refused to bring it to a vote.

Last week, another Republican, Rep. Steve Stockman of Texas, further introduced H.Res. 306, a discharge petition that would force GOP leaders to allow a House on Wolf’s demand for a select committee.

“If I can get 218 Congressional Republicans to back me, a majority of the House, we will break through the D.C. stonewall and there will finally be a vote on creating the select committee to investigate Benghazi,” Stockman explained on his website. “You see, Congress just canceled a hearing in which we were supposed to hear from Benghazi survivors. … Why? Because someone in a Democrat office leaked the names of the witnesses, who were then targeted for intimidation.”

Wolf told WND he believes those survivors want to talk.

“I think a lot of them want the American people to know what happened. I think they also want to be recognized, because when you hear the stories of what they’ve done, it’s kind of a great American story,” he said, referring to the heroic efforts by those who survived, and the four Americans who died, in the terrorist attack.

Wolf believes a public hearing by a select committee is the only way to crack a CIA stonewall, which has included reports of non-disclosure agreements, polygraph tests and changing survivors’ names and scattering them across the country.

“They don’t want them to speak, it’s pretty clear. You sign a non-disclosure agreement, that means you’re not supposed to disclose anything,” Wolf said. “Now, a subpoena from Congress would supersede that. But if you’re 50, you have a couple of kids, a mortgage, you live in Fairfax County in a house, you have one kid in college and another one going soon, can you afford to lose your job? You can’t do it.”

He said that’s why a public hearing is needed to uncover the truth, so surviving witnesses can feel safe.

“They need the protection of a public hearing and to be subpoenaed, so they can come forward,” Wolf said. “That allows them to say what really happened.”

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