Bradley Manning and the death of America

By Joseph Farah

By now everyone’s heard the news.

Pfc. Bradley Manning, a former Army intelligence analyst convicted of espionage for posting classified information with Wikileaks, has announced he’s a woman trapped in the body of a man.

Going forward, as he serves his 35-year sentence, he demands to be called “Chelsea” and insists that taxpayers provide him with sex-reassignment treatment and surgery.

Not surprisingly, the American Civil Liberties Union and the Human Rights Campaign and other anti-American agitators have weighed in on his behalf.

Excuse me, if I don’t share their enthusiasm for the cause.

I’m very sorry this young man is so confused when it comes to his gender. Yes, he could subject himself to mutilation-surgery to make him appear to be a woman. He can continue to wear lipstick and a wig. He can pretend to be a woman. But he never will be. He will still have the same chromosomes and genes that define him as a member of the male gender.

But that is not my primary concern.

My primary concern is for the moral sanity of a nation on the brink of moral madness.

Am I alone in recognizing this is why the U.S. military and intelligence agencies guarded against recruiting and enlisting those with aberrant sexual identities in an effort to perform their objectives – namely the protection of the citizens of the United States?

We tried “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policies – thanks to Bill Clinton and a weak Congress. Bradley Manning was the result. In fact, he blames that policy for his situation. It will form the basis for his plea for a shortened sentence. But we went from bad to worse with a military that now welcomes homosexuals and other gender-confused people like Manning with open arms! In fact, as WND reported last week, the U.S. military now gives those folks preferential treatment and perks. That’s how crazy things have gotten.

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Doesn’t anyone get why we put the country first by handing out security clearances and the privilege and honor (not right) of serving in the U.S. military second by screening out people like Bradly Manning? They are walking time bombs for the nation’s security.

I don’t expect Barack Obama, who only 20 months ago officially opposed same-sex marriage, to hear this plea.

I don’t expect Democrats who wrote the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” law and signed it into law to hear this plea.

I don’t expect the ACLU and the Human Rights Campaign and other America-haters to hear this plea.

But I do expect millions and millions of Americans, especially those currently serving in the military as well as veterans, to hear it.

I would expect practicing Christians and Jews to hear it.

I would expect anyone who has any common sense and moral values to hear it.

When are we going to find the courage to stand up and be counted?

This country is very quickly becoming the laughingstock of the world – and at a time when we face grave threats to our national security internally and externally.

Is this what brave Americans today are fighting for? Is this what brave Americans from the past sacrificed and died for?

This is like a sick joke.

I would no sooner encourage any of my children or grandchildren to work for the federal government in any capacity or to serve in our armed forces under these conditions than I would encourage them to have a hole drilled in their heads.

Where are Americans who have moral bearings supposed to go? Our forebears came here to escape the madness of the Old World. There are no new worlds to start afresh. Are we going to sit back and watch America go down the drain because of moral decay and the death of common sense?

Please, tell me what I’m missing here.

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