I am about to embark on the most fun I have ever had with an opinion column.

Conservatives like to talk with their pocketbooks, as I learned in 2009 when I launched the Buycott of Whole Foods. Unions picketed the store in opposition of CEO Jon Mackey’s opposition of Obamacare. Mackey hit the airwaves and print media, calling Obamacare “like fascism.” That’s when I realized there was one good way to support free markets: Use the free market!

The market forces at work here are simple. There is a solid conservative majority in this country, despite the result of presidential electoral results. Furthermore, the conservative majority is where the vast majority of the productive taxpayers reside. We have the clear advantage to use the BUYcott to defeat any boycott.

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I noticed a union picket of Whole Foods on a Thursday in August 2009 in my neighboring city of Town and Country, Mo., and posted on Facebook and Twitter that conservatives should consider going to Whole Foods and support Mackey and the free-market principles he was promoting. Only a few days later, in one night, about 1,000 free-market advocates spent more than $45,000 in my local Whole Foods store and left the union boycott speechless. I received copies of receipts from all over the world, from people wanting me to know that they were supporting my BUYcott of free-market principles.

I learned it again in 2010 when I launched a “BUYcott” of Arizona, when Arizona stood as a sovereign state for the rule of law. I went to Arizona to stand with Sherriff Joe Arpaio, Lou Ferrigno, Phillip Dennis, Mark Spencer of P.L.E.A. (Phoenix Law Enforcement Association) and others. Thousands came from all over the country to support Arizona when other groups were boycotting them for their stand against illegal immigration. Once again, I received receipts for trips, cars, tours merchandise and other things that people bought from all over the world. The money spent in support of Arizona was incalculable, but the number would be into the millions.

Today, there is still a lot for Constitution lovers to BUYcott. For example, there are small, independent pharmacies like Stephens Pharmacy in Chelsea, Ala. Many pharmacies like Walgreens, Rite-Aid and CVS are now selling the controversial “morning-after” pill, Plan B, on store shelves with no restrictions. This makes the potent drug available, even to children, more easily than Sudafed or cough syrup. They can literally buy it like chewing gum. But Spencer Stephens says he will keep it behind the counter in his pharmacy. He says that he believes there is hypocrisy in a government that says an 11 year old can’t get her ears pierced, but can use a morning-after pill without her parent’s counsel, or at least that of a knowledgeable pharmacist.

There are boutique or independent physicians that refuse to submit to Obamacare, and Obama’s supportive core of doctors in the American Medical Association, or AMA. Dr. Matthew Parker of Heritage Medicine in Birmingham, Ala., is an outspoken critic of the AMA’s tight relationship with Obama and its promotion of the anti-free market Obamacare. Parker’s practice gives special time and attention to his patients; they are “anything but a number” to him.

There are open shop contractors, like those affiliated with Associated Builders and Contractors, who still fight for and exercise free-market principles while enduring salting, “greenmail” and other union harassment.

There are many right-leaning chain stores that have received much publicity in recent months, but I have noticed that some fall short when it comes to free-market principles or constitutional issues. Think of all the small businesses that sell the same (or better) products and don’t take our money on the one hand, then spend it funding the economy and liberty-killing measures of this criminal administration.

According to talk-show host Joe Messina, a new, conservative BUYcott app is launching soon (the left has already attempted this, but it is buggy and failing and is actually a boycott site of all things conservative). He says that depending on its popularity, it should launch this fall. The app will link conservative causes with businesses who contribute to, are owned by, or are otherwise associated with that organization. He is currently compiling lists of shoppers and businesses that want to be listed in his app.

It is hereby time for us to take our BUYcott of American made, free-market-minded businesses and products and go digital with it. To connect with your community on these things, post on social media when you find them. #TweetTheReceipt and #BUYcott when you find #LocalBusinesses supporting #FreeMarkets. Let the local businesses know that you are going to make their business known in your sphere of influence. And don’t forget to mention the business you didn’t patronize. Put them on notice that you intend to fight for freedom with every tool you have, including your wallet.

Let’s market freedom!

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