New England Patriots third-string quarterback Tim Tebow

A cameraman’s taking the Lord’s name in vain became an opportunity for NFL star Tim Tebow to do some locker-room evangelizing on Friday.

The third-string quarterback for the New England Patriots was 4-for-12 in passing against the Philadelphia Eagles showing for 55 yards through the air, and he ran for 31 yards on four carries.

But it was after the preseason matchup that got the attention of Washington Post writer Kent Babb.

Babb tweeted:

“In the Pats locker room, a camera guy has a mishap and yells, ‘Jesus Christ!’ Tebow, in earshot, looks at the guy and says: ‘He loves you.'”

And just five minutes after that message, Babb added another tweet affirming the encounter did actually happen.

“I promise that Tebow tweet was 100 percent true,” Babb explained.

In recent years, Tebow has been one of America’s most outspoken Christians in the world of sports.

Football quarterback Tim Tebow is known for posting Bible verses on his face.

He has been known for displaying Bible verses in the eye black on his face during games, and he sparked the “Tebowing” trend for his praying publicly on one knee.

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His locker-room mention of Jesus loving the cameraman is prompting reaction online, including:

  • “More proof that Tebow is a simple-minded fool.” (Jim Saunders)
  • “If he called him a MFer nobody would have cared. Go figure.” (Tim Pentowski)
  • “Tim Tebow, always the gentleman. Hard as they try, no one can take that from him! We love you, Tim.” (Lorrie Bailey)

Regarding his onfield performance, Tebow told reporters after the game:

“I’ve got room for improvement. I did some things well. I’d like to do some other things better, and you know I think that’s what these [preseason] games are for. And so, I definitely want to learn from it and improve and next week do a little bit better.”

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