Christie’s score: ‘Gay’ agenda 3, children 0

By Linda Harvey

Garden State Equality apparently owns Chris Christie. GSE is the homosexual pressure group gleefully sealing the fate of countless homosexually attracted New Jersey kids.

Gov. Christie just did their bidding for the third time in affirming anti-child, pro-homosexual actions against minors in New Jersey. He signed A 3371, a bill that bans pro-heterosexual counseling for minor children, alleging that “experts” have made a valid case for keeping some adolescents locked into homosexuality. Any alternative advice is sure to send an adolescent on a course of self-destruction, so the narrative goes.

Unless that information is conveyed by homosexual activist groups like GLSEN, the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network. Here’s the message to middle and high school students from a recent GLSEN-sponsored student workshop:

“Beyond Bisexuality: This workshop will explore how every individual’s experience of their own sexuality is unique, regardless of their claimed label. Sexuality is fluid, especially when it goes beyond the binary of ‘gay’ and ‘straight’ labels. The way a person experiences it may change over time.”

Sounds “dangerous” to me! Won’t this cause depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts? Yet similar messages have also been conveyed to teens by PFLAG, Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays, in a brochure distributed for years to youth:

“Our sexuality develops over time. Don’t worry if you aren’t sure. Your school years are a time of figuring out what works for you, and crushes and experimentation are often part of that. Over time, you’ll find that you’re drawn mostly to men or women – or both – and then you’ll know.”

Let’s be frank: The real target of the New Jersey measure, as with SB 1172 in California, is the American right, demonizing any who object to homosexual behavior.

But back to Christie. He’s sided before with those who want to sell “gay” behavior to kids, even publicly chastising those who question it. His first anti-child decision was signing what was termed a “tough” anti-bullying law rushed through the New Jersey legislature after the tragic suicide of Rutgers student Tyler Clementi, who was the object of a cruel trick by other students.

What delighted Garden State Equality and their mother ship, the Human Rights Campaign, was this new law’s embrace of special-interest categories around which anti-bullying lessons, incident-tracking and punishment can be constructed: “sexual orientation” and “gender identity.”

The school equivalent of “hate crimes” laws, these categories are gold nuggets for LGBT lobbyists, enabling the thought police to cement a sole viewpoint in schools: that homosexual and transgender behaviors are good and right, and objections are “harassment and bullying.” That’s right – not pushing or shoving, but opinions become the enemy.

Which is why many states, including Ohio where I live, have wisely kept “sexual orientation/gender identity” and other categories out of anti-bullying bills. They aren’t necessary, because all students should be treated equally, and moral/religious rights should still be respected. Bullying can be punished or prosecuted, even a Tyler Clementi-type situation, without affirming homosexuality.

But New Jersey is all about muscle, as teacher Viki Knox learned several years ago. Viki, you may recall, voiced her concerns on Facebook about pro-homosexual promotion to her students and within two days was the subject of intense TV coverage, New York Times stories and all the media firepower the “gay-stapo” was able to launch. Homosexual militants stood outside Union High School with bullhorns demanding her job, and they got it when she was suspended.

Chris Christie chimed in on Viki’s dilemma. He called her Facebook comments “disturbing,” not a good example for someone in an influential position, and he used it as an opportunity to call for more accountability by teachers. “I would like to see an examination of how that teacher conducts herself in the classroom,” he said.

Instead of praising a teacher who showed genuine concern for her students, including moral integrity, Christie piled on someone already the subject of a vicious smear campaign.

So now Christie favors teens being denied the opportunity to overcome homosexual desires, which are not inborn but often the byproduct of early sexual exposure or molestation. No science has found a gay gene, but Christie said he believes people are born this way and that it’s not a sin.

There are only a few reasons why an alleged “conservative” politician supports such fascist left-wing schemes. Perhaps Christie doesn’t really have much of a heart for kids. If 12-year-olds are indoctrinated at school into thinking they are homosexual and end up the victims of advances by HIV-infected predators, maybe the governor is not too concerned. If New Jersey HIV incidence relating to homosexual practices continues to rise among youth, perhaps he can point to some other factor. Not his fault.

Another possibility is Christie really believes all this and is a woefully ignorant product of East Coast group-think. But he could also be running in fear of the “gay” lobby. Yes, they are vicious. Yes, they may try to ruin your life. Yes, they distort the facts, scream over imagined slights and use outright lies to further the cause.

Brielle Goldani, born a man but now believing he’s female, provided testimony for the New Jersey bill, claiming he was sent by his parents to a repressive camp in Ohio to change his sexual orientation. As Christopher Doyle researched and discovered, no such camp has ever existed, except in the script of a movie, “But I’m a Cheerleader.” Goldani didn’t even bother to change the camp name from that used in the movie.

Yes, it was fiction when the movie came out in 1999, and this new law is fiction today. If Christie believes the left will vote for him because he is aiding child corruption, he’s living a dream, too, along with his belief that grass roots America will forget this.

Three strikes and you’re out, Chris. Unfortunately, the kids in your state are the ones who really lose.

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