In a stunning turn of events, San Diego Mayor Bob Filner not only refuses to step down amid charges of sexual harassment, he is asserting that the city needs to pay his legal defense, because they never trained him how not to sexually harass women.

A letter from Filner’s attorney said the city “failed to provide [sexual harassment] training to Mayor Filner,” and in this case, “if there is any liability at all, the city will almost certainly be liable for ‘failing to prevent sexual harassment.'”

The result is that the San Diego City Council has agreed unanimously to sue Filner for the costs of the sexual harassment lawsuit, despite the letter’s assertion that the city is responsible for the mayor not knowing what constitutes sexual harassment.

In an interview with NBC 7 in San Diego, Alreen Haeggqist, an attorney who represents sexual harassment victims, said the cost to the city for legal fees could be upward of $500,000, or maybe even higher given the high profile of the case.

WND has reported extensively on the former congressman turned mayor who, after only months in office, was asked to resign by his own party. His refusal to resign matches the same level of sexual scandal of the Weiner and Spitzer cases in New York. And more alleged victims keep surfacing, painting a picture of a long history of harassment and abuse of power.

Only a few weeks ago, WND began reporting on this story that looked like three people accusing a mayor of unscrupulous behavior. WND told about the family and friends of Filner who have called for his resignation, including his own fiancée. WND told about his explanation that he didn’t mean any harm by kissing, groping, fondling, and threatening women in his capacity as mayor, because “he’s a hugger.”

WND reported on his close ties to the Communist Party USA that included his donating office space to them, and an intimate dinner with Fidel Castro. WND reported about the recall effort happening, and the mayor’s alleged attempt to sabotage the effort.

Now the plot has thickened with the city’s lawsuit against the mayor.

In an exclusive interview with WND, the co-chair of, Elisa Brent said that as a mother and a citizen of San Diego, she could not sit idly by and watch this happen to the city that she loves.

“I completely agree with what the city council is doing. San Diego should not have to foot the bill for the mayor’s abuse of power. I have total respect for Councilman Todd Gloria (D) and Kevin Faulconer (R) in particular, because they have been outspoken about the mayor’s behavior from the very beginning, even before the sexual allegations came forward.”

She said the city council made an appropriate move in filing the suit against the mayor, adding, “San Diego deserves better.”

The recall campaign is non-partisan, and Brent said the bi-partisan support to oust him is tremendous.

“Democrats and Republicans can come together to save our city from further damage,” she said.

She said that her concern is for her children, and that is why she took time away from her business and her children to co-chair the campaign. She said it means a lot to her, personally, as a lifelong resident of San Diego.

“We do not want to be known as ‘Scandals by the Sea,” but rather she wants the world to know that San Diego will police its own, and added, “we are indeed America’s finest city.”

She invites citizens interested to join the effort at, or Facebook. She pointed to the allegedly fake Facebook page in support of Filner that WND reported on previously.

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