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Is Ted Cruz eligible for presidency?

Compare the media scrutiny Sen. Ted Cruz has received as a possible presidential candidate in 2016 to what happened in 2008 with Barack Obama.

It’s a day and night contrast.

Simply asking questions about Obama was labeled “racist.” It only got worse after he was elected. You might remember seeing me on TV news shows frequently in the years leading up to that election. Did you ever wonder why you don’t see me anymore? It’s because I raised this issue and became, as one wag characterized me, “the Birther King.”

Have you seen Jerome Corsi, a two-time New York Times No. 1 bestseller, on television much? Same thing. Corsi wrote “Where’s the Birth Certificate?,” which became the bestselling book in the nation before it ever was released. It’s what prompted Obama to release a badly manufactured simulation of an actual Hawaii birth certificate two years ago. He followed up with the e-book “Where’s the Real Birth Certificate?” But this brilliant Harvard Ph.D. and senior staff writer for WND has become TV’s new Invisible Man ever since.

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Never mind that the only law enforcement investigation into Obama’s birth certificate found that it was a fraud and forgery. It didn’t matter. The media, besides WND, have steadfastly refused to report the facts for fear of being labeled part of the “birther” conspiracy.

I know many members of Congress personally. Almost all of them know the truth. But they fear talking about it because of what the media will do to them. They know the facts about Obama will never get a fair hearing in the establishment press. Even some of the media are cowed into silence. It’s just a subject they know you can’t talk about without being pilloried and ridiculed with the vilest name-calling by Obama’s Palace Guard and the defenders of Obama who dominate the press.

Then Ted Cruz comes along.

And what happens?

Every media outlet in the country is questioning his constitutional eligibility.

Now let me say this at the outset: I really like Ted Cruz. I think he would very likely make a fine president. But I think it’s important that we elect only those who are constitutionally eligible – those who fit the definition of “natural born citizens.”

Is he eligible?

I don’t know for sure, but I suspect not – at least not by my understanding of what the founders had in mind when they ratified the Constitution.

I admire the way Ted Cruz has handled the matter. He quickly released his birth certificate. He didn’t make ad hominem attacks on anyone who questioned his eligibility. He didn’t suggest anyone who dared question him had racist motivations.

He even went so far as to renounce his Canadian citizenship! And he is not yet a candidate for president. The next presidential election is still three years away.

But I have to honestly say that I don’t think the founders intended for those holding dual citizenship at birth to be presidential candidates. After all, America has plenty of people who clearly meet the minimal eligibility requirements to be president. Do we really need to stretch them to the breaking point?

What I would hope to see at this point, now that Obama is a lame duck, is an open and honest dialogue and healthy and vigorous debate and an intelligent and fact-based public hearing on what the Constitution means when it requires presidents and vice presidents to be “natural born citizens.”

Sadly, it’s still not happening – not even with Cruz.

Maybe it’s too early, because Obama is still in office. Maybe the media know how dishonest they’ve been all along and are afraid they will get called on it. Maybe the public hearing will never take place. Maybe the real meaning of the Constitution just doesn’t matter to Americans anymore.

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I’ll end with one more personal note.

The last time I appeared on television came last year. I was called to do some election analysis on a primary night. The Republican presidential nominee was still up in the air. But one thing everyone on the panel agreed about was that Sen. Marco Rubio would be the GOP vice presidential candidate. Everyone, of course, but me.

I had to explain that Rubio was not eligible. The reaction was explosive. Everyone thought I was insane.

Who was right?

I was.

He isn’t and wasn’t eligible. And, ultimately, he wasn’t chosen to be on the ticket.

But you haven’t seen me on television since. All the other members of that panel are still regular guests.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I don’t care that much about being on television. I have my own platform. I am comfortable and happy doing exactly what I’m doing. I will never change who I am for fame and fortune – certainly not because I have an insatiable urge to be on cable TV. But I convey this information to illustrate why certain ideas are just not permitted to be discussed intelligently in most media.

There’s a price to pay.

That’s what happens to people who take the Constitution literally. They are blackballed. They are blacklisted. They are vilified. They are shunned. They are labeled as “fringe, conspiracy nuts.”

And that’s why I suspect we will never see something as fundamental as the eligibility of the U.S. president explored seriously by the establishment media – not even for Ted Cruz.

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