Michael Savage

Dr. Savage surprised many listeners by declaring that Israel is the driving force behind U.S. intervention in Syria.

“Fox News is reporting that Israeli intelligence was the first to confirm that Assad was behind those alleged chemical attacks,” he explained. “So you have to conclude that it is Israel that is pushing the United States … to strike Assad” and, specifically, the Syrian air force (FREE audio).

“The Israelis have concluded that they’d rather fight a ragtag group like Hezbollah without an air force to worry about than fight Assad with an air force,” said Savage.

On the subject of Miley Cyrus’s sleazy awards show routine, Dr. Savage took the president to task for failing to use his “bully pulpit” to condemn such raunchy displays (FREE audio).

“Obama could frown on this and say, ‘I want to see a clean America again. Clean it up, Hollywood,'” said Savage. “But he’s not doing that, is he? Instead we’re living in the Weimar Republic on steroids.”

Rush Limbaugh

As the nation marked the 50th anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s historic “I Have a Dream” speech, Limbaugh noted sadly that the civil rights leader’s name is now being invoked to promote everything from Obamacare to the “martyrdom” of Trayvon Martin (FREE audio).

“Martin Luther King Jr. can now be used to promote anything,” said Rush. “And in the process, I think if these people on the left are not careful, they’re gonna end up diminishing this man. They’re gonna commercialize this man and this speech, and they’re gonna turn him and what he stood for into a commodity. I mean, they’re dangerously close to commoditizing this now.”

Limbaugh also commented on Miley Cyrus’s scandalous television performance – or, rather, the media’s reaction to it (FREE audio).

“I thought we didn’t have the right to judge somebody else’s morality, and I thought we didn’t have a right to comment,” said Limbaugh sarcastically.

Aaron Klein

Klein’s new book, “Impeachable Offenses,” has emerged at the perfect moment. Finally, the mainstream media is daring to broach the question that many ordinary Americans have been asking for years: Should President Barack Obama be impeached?

Klein also landed an exclusive guest: the man who designed the digital eavesdropping network for the National Security Agency. He even took calls from listeners!

Finally, Sen. Jim Inhofe, R-Okla., the ranking member of the Senate Armed Services Committee, joined the show to talk about the situation in Syria (FREE audio).

Mark Levin

Sources say that the next New York Time’s bestseller list will see Mark Levin’s new book, “The Liberty Amendments,” taking the No. 1 spot in three different categories.

According to the American Spectator: “This is a stunning grand slam of bestseller lists that is in fact only the beginning of a serious move to begin to do something about the vast Statist overreach that has spent a century changing the American Republic that was painstakingly constructed under the Constitution into a post-constitutional America of presidential and judicial fiats, with Congress handing its authority over to the dictates of a vast, bureaucratic administrative state.”

Laura Ingraham

To mark the anniversary of Dr. King’s March on Washington, author Michelle Malkin joined Laura to talk about the state of African American leadership today.

“Talk about role reversal,” said Malkin. “Now it’s these self-appointed, so-called civil rights leaders that are standing at the schoolhouse door to deny parental and school choice to inner city minority families.”

Ingraham also welcomed “Duck Dynasty” star Willie Robertson to the program. The unlikely entrepreneur turned reality TV celebrity explained that he hopes his family’s blockbuster show will expose others to Christian values.

Acknowledging his family’s daunting “mountain man” style, Robertson reminded Ingrham that “when John the Baptist came through, he looked really, and he ate weird stuff, and he pointed people towards Jesus” (FREE audio).

Glenn Beck

This week, Beck looked back on an interview he conducted years ago with country singer Billy Rae Cyrus.

Even then, Beck recalled, he’d expressed concern about the way Billy Ray was raising his daughter Miley. Beck said he was troubled by Cyrus’s insistence on being a “buddy” to his daughter and wonders how Miley’s father feels about his parenting style in light of his daughter’s pornographic performance on the Video Music Awards.

He told Beck at the time he considers himself more of a “buddy” to his daughter than a disciplinarian, which Beck found completely baffling (FREE audio).

Beck also put his employees on notice: None of his staffers are allowed to buy florescent bulbs or any other “green” products.

“If you’re doing anything in this company because of global warming, you’re fired,” Beck continued. “Global warming is a pile of crap … a load of socialist, communist crap” (FREE audio).

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