‘Magic Man’ author endorses 9/11 Day of Prayer

By WND Staff

By Scott Greer

Carl Gallups, author of “The Magic Man in the Sky” and the coming WND Books release “The Rabbi Who Found the Messiah,” says America is “on the precipice of no return.”

Gallups’ comments came as he endorsed the 9-11-13 National Day of Prayer and Repentance, which was prompted by a commentary from WND founder and CEO Joseph Farah.

“I am passionately supporting Joseph Farah’s call to our nation,” Gallups said. ” America is on the precipice of no return. We must act now or forever lose the precious gift of freedom bestowed upon this nation by the Creator of the universe. This truth is ‘self evident.’ The signs of God’s judgment are upon our land. Of that fact there can be no denial.”

He said the choices America has made are alarming.

“We … have destroyed the lives of tens of millions of American babies. In the same year the Supreme Court declared abortion to be legal (1973), we passed the Federal Endangered Species Act. In that year we declared that a turtle’s nest and a turtle’s egg were more precious and sanctified than a human baby within its mother’s womb,” Gallups noted.

He’s also concerned about the growing acceptance of same-sex marriage and the homosexual culture.

“Our Supreme Court has, in effect, declared that we do not know what constitutes a real marriage. Men are marrying men, women are marrying women, and our military and society at large are openly celebrating the sodomite lifestyle. The New Testament book of Romans, chapter one, declares that when these things happen it is a certain sign that God has ‘given them over to a depraved mind,'” Gallups commented.

He believes the 9/11 Day of Prayer, with its focus on repentance, offers many Americans a chance at redemption, and he urges everyone to join in the effort.

“The Lord is giving us one more chance, perhaps our last one. Won’t you please join with us on Sept. 11, 2013? We must repent … or we, as a nation, will go the way of every nation who defied the Lord,” Gallups said.

The Day of Prayer began as an idea in a column by Farah, who said as the nation and its institutions have become virtually dysfunctional, it is time to do what the founders of America and the prophets of ancient Israel did – call for a national day of prayer and fasting on an auspicious date such as 9-11-13.

The plan has been enthusiastically embraced by thousands around the country, including Rep. Michele Bachmann, R-Minn.; Chuck Norris; David Barton; Jonathan Cahn; Greg Laurie; and syndicated radio talk-show host Mancow Muller.

Farah and a small working group behind the project have decided the focus of the day should be repentance.

“Since the biblical prescription behind this project is II Chronicles 7:14, we determined, after much prayer ourselves, that repentance is the most important missing ingredient in America today,” said Farah. “God told Solomon that when the nation faces judgment for disobedience, there are four requirements for restoration: humility, prayer, seeking His face and repentance. Prayer without repentance is useless – that’s what the verse suggests. In fact, it suggests the prayers of believers go unheard unless is it accompanied by turning ‘from their wicked ways.'”

Also, significantly, Sept. 11, 2013 is the biblical Day of Teshuvah, which means repentance. And while fasting often accompanies serious prayer, Sept. 11, 2013, comes just three days before Tishri 10 or Yom Kippur, which is a day of fasting.

“As Jonathan Cahn pointed out so effectively in ‘The Harbinger’ and ‘The Isaiah 9:10 Judgment,’ America prayed after Sept. 11, 2001,” said Farah. “But America did not repent. The model America followed was the same paradigm followed by ancient Israel as described in Isaiah 9:10 – the pledge to rebuild bigger and better in our own strength without notice to what God was trying to communicate through a limited judgment. As a result, America has seen continued judgment ever since. Therefore, repentance is as important as prayer.”

An invitation to the event:

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Farah says he made the call for the day of prayer out of a sense of frustration with politics and the decline in morality in the country. He suspects there is a connection between the revealing of national “sins” and the desire by believers to confess their own sins to God in unity with other believers.

Farah adds: “That’s what the 9-11-13 National Day of Prayer and Repentance is all about. It’s different from any other simple call for prayer. Mark the date – Sept. 11, 2013.”

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