Hillary Clinton wants to be president of the United States, an idea obviously construed while she was still first lady of the United States. If she should become president, she would make remarkable history, because she would be the first female president of the United States, the first first-lady-turned-president of the United States and the first woman to have traded all of her pro-woman credentials to get her next political power fix.

There is only one problem: She can’t win.

There is a storm brewing. A big, swirling, violent, ominous thundercloud stalking and waiting to touch down on any possibility of a Hillary Clinton presidency. There is a little band of victims whose passion will be ignited by the announcement of a Hillary Clinton candidacy for president, and whose passion will not be subdued until she is no longer viable for anything.

As WND reported, author of “Their Lives,” Candice E. Jackson agrees, citing Clinton tactics like “assembling a smear team to attack a grief-stricken widow (Kathleen Willey), threatening a reporter for her research into an Arkansas health-care scandal and hiring private investigators to bully an ex-flame’s family members.”

How do I know this? I have spoken to them.

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WND has reported on the violations of women that took place during the Clinton administration. We know the allegations: rape, sexual harassment, threats, intimidation, blackmail, personal harassment, the destruction – all exacted on women. None of these women chose to live the lives they now live. All of these women can pinpoint the moment their lives were forever changed – the moment Bill Clinton decided that he had the power to rule over them.

These women know another thing: Hillary was, at best, complicit in the personal destruction served to the victims of her partner in crime, Bill Clinton. One of these women told me in a personal conversation (I will not say her name, so as to not re-assault her), that Hillary and Huma aren’t “standing by their men,” as is commonly said. Rather, they’re standing on the heads of the women their husbands have victimized.

I didn’t realize until I reached out to the women violated by Clinton that they still have a lot to tell that has never been reported.

“If Hillary is elected,” one of the women who were allegedly victimized by Clinton told WND, “these men will continue to use their power and money to hurt women. Hillary was complicit in all of the intimidation, terror and cover-up that happened to these women, and the women abused by politicians since then have the Clintons – both of them – to thank. That’s just how the Clintons, and now the Democrat Machine, roll.”

Illinois-based clinical psychologist and co-author of “Ladies and Gentlemen,” Dr. Dathan Paterno, told WND that he blames the arrogant attitude displayed by today’s politician-perpetrators directly on Clinton:

“Modern-era politicians like Weiner, Spitzer and Filner are nothing if not good historians. They merely have to recall the survival of their patron sinner Bill Clinton and realize that all scandals are eminently survivable – for liberals, that is. All that is required is for the leftist band of brothers – media, political allies and the voters who most aggressively and eagerly suck at the government teat – to distract, rationalize and minimize.”

Paterno continued, “Then the power carries on, transfers and remains. The men who use and abuse women in these ways retain their power and money. Only the victims are left broken, and in debt and depression. Their voices are quiet.”

But I do see one way out for Hillary. She needs to let me coordinate her press conference when she announces for president.

This is what I would do:

First, we set the scene: Hillary invites all of the women that she and Bill abused to join her in her press conference, where she is going to take full responsibility and apologize to each, individually and publicly. That will show the American public, especially women, that she is finally willing to take responsibility for what she and Bill have done. Paula Jones, Kathleen Willey, Gennifer Flowers, Monica, et al. Additionally, she should speak to the other women rumored to have been victimized by Bill since the events 15 years ago.

Next, she should invite one of her many good friend/divorce lawyers to the stage. It is there that she should announce her inevitable divorce from a man who has one of the ugliest track records with women, and the American people, of all time. She needs to publicly denounce any Democrats who wish to stay loyal to this false Clinton legacy and false statesman narrative.

Then, she appeals to NBC to make their new movie based on the book, “Their Lives,” by Candice E. Jackson (rather than an elongated campaign commercial for a campaign that is going to be a train wreck if she doesn’t take my advice). Then the GOP can support the debates, and she will have even more airtime to make her case to women and Americans everywhere.

Finally, she gives this speech:

“This isn’t easy. It isn’t easy to come clean when much of what you have has been built on a lie. But that is what I am here to ask you, humbly to understand. It is in this moment, on this day, that I not only want to construct a solid reputation, but with your help, I humbly ask if you will join me in reconstructing a solid America.

“I, Hillary Clinton, have been married to a man who has been causing trouble all these years. He has hurt many women, some of whom are standing with me on this stage right now. He has hurt the American people with his consecration of political correctness, misogyny and race baiting by not shutting down the only real racists out there, like the criminal Jacksons and the fake ministers Sharpton and Farrakhan. People have not only been raped and bullied by our power and arrogance, but people have died. There is nothing I can do to make that right. But because I was given this moment in history, I think I can try to earn back the power I have abused for all of these years.

“I realize that my estranged husband, Bill Clinton, was POTUS, so with all due respect, I say to the American people: We all make mistakes. You and I made the exact same mistake in trusting, covering for and lying about a man who began a legacy of scandal, and continued through to Weiner, Filner, Spitzer and Obama. What he did, what we did, is despicable. He is a problem, and the blood is on my hands, as well. He did a lot of things that weren’t very respectable to women, or Americans. I personally want to disavow what he did to these women standing behind me. That’s why I want to announce my candidacy for the presidency of the United States. I hope you will join me in a new fight. No longer will we defend the acts of men, but the liberty of a nation. No longer will truth be painted over, but the lines of the Constitution will be restored. No longer will the American be called to worship men, but we will worship God, and humble ourselves before Him, and He will move his hand and restore our shining city on a hill, just as President Reagan – a true equal rights crusader – promised us. It is in his legacy that I will preside. Will you join me?”

Oh, and she should probably face truth and drop the liberal, statist, feminist rhetoric that is all a pack of lies and untruths if she really wants to win. But she won’t do that. She isn’t that classy, and obviously the truth means very little to her – even when it means trampling the lives of women. If it meant anything to her, I should expect a call this week from Hillary, wanting to do what is right and even expedient at this point. I am not holding my breath.

The awesome irony is how ultimately good does win. Who would have thought that the truth, and pure political expediency, would end up on the same side of the road?

And who could have made this road so unbearably treacherous and undoable for Hillary, and the statists who want her elected, damn the torpedoes who might get in the way?

Poetic, isn’t it?




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