“Oh my God!”

“What is this?”

“There’s more! They keep coming!”

That’s the reaction heard on a video taken Sunday night, Aug. 4, as Virginia residents stared at more mysterious lights that danced in the night sky.

It’s the latest in a series of reports by citizens across the U.S. of a strange phenomenon that has yet to have a confirmed explanation.

Catherine Crabill of Irvington, Va., submitted the new video to WND.

“I personally saw at least 30-plus [lights],” she said.

“This is not the best video as they show up more like pinpoints of light when they were actually bright orange orbs. Some seemed in formation, others were randomly arranged. They were headed in a southerly direction in the western sky from us. We saw this from my backyard at about 10:15. There were at least 10 witnesses.”

Meanwhile, Doug Crites of Missouri says he saw similar lights last Sunday, July 27, from his front porch in O’Fallon, Mo., some 25 miles west of St. Louis.

“My wife and I were standing on the porch enjoying an unusually cool end of July evening,” Crites told WND.

“It was dark so it must have been about 10 p.m. although I didn’t actually note the time. Two orange fairly bright lights appeared, the one on the right somewhat higher than the one on the left but both in a fairly tight formation. They caught my attention because they were orange and appeared to be moving toward us although they were quite a ways out.

“The lights were constant, not blinking, and they definitely were not aircraft green and red aviation lights. I commented to my wife that they were unusual and that I wasn’t sure what they might be. Anyhow, after 20 or 30 seconds watching them appear to move toward us, they both in formation turned north and several seconds later disappeared.

“A few seconds after that, a third single light appeared from where the others had first appeared. It, too, was seemingly heading in our direction and then also turned to the north a disappeared.”

Bob Busch in New Jersey says he saw them as well.

“These lights were seen over Clinton, N.J., also,” said Bob Busch. “The sky still had light to it and no stars were seen yet. These two objects very close together were very bright.”

The new reports come on the heels of a WND report Sunday about mysterious lights in the night sky over Arizona and Missouri on July 27.

The lights appear to be floating in formation over Tucson, Ariz., and Kansas City, Mo., with witnesses indicating they were silent.

(Video of the lights over Tucson, Ariz.:)

“Look over there! There’s another one,” says a man recording video of the event in Tucson. “What the hell are they? They’re not jets. We heard jets fly over us all morning. … They’re completely silent.”

A woman on the recording says, “You can’t even see what they are. … It’s freaking us out.”

There were reportedly seven or eight lights in the sky at the same time over Tucson, with some were moving independently while the others were flying in tandem.

A YouTube user named Cbazz who recorded the phenomenon said, “My family and I witnessed these strange amber lights in Tucson on our way home from dinner. There were seven or eight of them crossing the sky, some solo and others in pairs flying very, very close together.

“Living in this part of the country, we often hear fighter jets from the Air Force base, but we are used to that and it is always recognizable and very loud.”

“These objects we saw tonight were silent and moving across the sky very fast….Not sure what we were seeing, but I never really believed in this sort of thing until tonight. Glad I had my phone to record.”

Similar lights were spotted the same Saturday night, July 27, over Kansas City. (Click to view the Kansas City video below:)

“Not for sure what they are, but I got several videos of them and pics. Looks like a UFO fleet!?” wrote YouTube poster jemnich1, who was contacted by another witness, GoGraveside, who sent this message on YouTube: “I really hope you get to investigate this incident. I was in the same vicinity and recorded the same lights on my cell phone. There were 3 additional passengers in my vehicle at the time who witnessed the ‘lights’ as well.”

Ben Hansen, a former FBI agent who has analyzed thousands of videos and photos of purported paranormal events believes there’s a simple explanation for the lights.

“In my opinion both videos are definitely man-made, combustible objects — most likely Chinese lanterns,” Hansen told the Huffington Post.

“The Kansas [City] video is slightly different, especially in the beginning because they appear to move more quickly, but that could simply be a perspective illusion of the videographer’s zoom and shaky tracking,” he said.

“Both videos are consistent with the characteristics of ground-launched, fire-lit objects. In the last five years, we’ve seen an exponential increase in the use of Chinese lanterns and similar lighter-than-air objects launched as hoaxes or as part of celebrations.

“If you’ve never seen them in the sky before, the experience can be quite stunning to the casual observer.”

Back in O’Fallon, Mo., Doug Crites isn’t buying that explanation.

“I don’t know what they might have been, but I know what they weren’t: Chinese floating lanterns,” he told WND. “For one thing those lanterns are visible 360 degrees. They don’t disappear just because your angle of view on them changes. Also, they drift with the breeze, and unless there is some heavy-duty wind shear occurring (it was a completely calm evening, just a pleasant breeze blowing) they would not make a 90-degree turn.”

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