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WASHINGTON – Military officers increasingly are concerned that few, if any, women will join the infantry voluntarily, because they can’t meet the strict physical standards, but they will be pushed into it against their will if they fail to become a specialist and are left with no other options, according to report from Joseph Farah’s G2 Bulletin.

“So you can do the mental imaging of what the motivation and morale of a person forced into an MOS (military occupational specialties) that they didn’t want,” an Army source said.

He raised the prospect that readiness could be jeopardized as a result.

“It makes for bad soldiers, who will be probably be chapter-eliminated from the military in short order,” he said.

The source gave an example of how two women went into the Marine Corps “grunt basic” but lasted only two weeks.

The women were washed out of the Marine Corps Infantry Officer Course by failing to pass the Combat Endurance Test at the start of the course.

Another woman did pass the combat endurance test but had to drop out of training with a stress fracture in her foot a week later.

There has been an increasing focus on women in the infantry since the Pentagon ordered the service branches to evaluate the standards in their combat units as part of an effort to lift the combat exclusion on women in the military.

In the example of the women recently failing the USMC training, the source said that “somebody is applying pressure to the USMC to lower their standards.”

“Whether or not the services dumb down the PFT (performance field test) for everybody is going to be irrelevant – in the field, the weight of the weapon, ammo, equipment and armor is non-discriminatory,” he said.

He said “you’ll be lucky” to find a woman who could do a full tour of three, four or six years without being injured out of the service or transferring out of the infantry.

“Unless they make (Special Operations Forces) of any service into a total joke, I’m betting there’s not going to be one graduate,” the source said.

The source said that having worked with women on active duty for 15 years in the Army, he didn’t think there would be a rush for women joining the infantry.

“In fact, most of them will look at you like you’re stupid if you ask them about joining the infantry,” he said.

He said, however, that this could change if women fail MOS courses and then are forced into the infantry.

“If a female student is studying a language at the Defense Language Institute, which is the requirement for various Crypt Linguist specialties, and if she fails, what the Army does is tell them ‘you have the option of these three MOSs: Tank, Turret Mechanic, Laundry and Bath specialist, or infantry.'”

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