When you visit the action-packed pages of WND, you must sometimes wonder whether you have wandered into a parallel universe. For WND covers the news stories that other outlets refuse to cover.

Among the gravest of the many dangers to democracy from its many enemies on the hard left is that not only the slant on the news but the selection of news is now done on political rather than objective criteria.

For instance, most people in America don’t know that serious law enforcement officers have called into question the genuineness of Mr Obama’s “birth certificate.” The mainstream media won’t report this news. For Obama is their hero, so they will not report anything that indicates he may have feet of clay.

Take another example. Today, Wednesday, a document is published that you can bet will hardly be mentioned on any news bulletin. It is the report of the Non-Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (NIPCC), a group of eminent scientists and researchers who disagree with the notion that global warming caused by us is or ever could be dangerous.

And what a report! It has been years in the writing, and it is almost as long as the official “Fifth Assessment Report,” the leaden document that is due to be published, with a massive and deferential media fanfare, in 10 days’ time.

So, what does NIPCC conclude? It reveals the following inconvenient truths:

Doubling the concentration of CO2 from where it was in 1750, which might occur by 2050, can be expected to cause somewhere between 1.1 degrees Celsius global warming and – get this – 0.3 degrees Celsius global cooling. And most of that global warming must already have happened.

Man, therefore, is going to have precious little impact on the climate. All those trillions of dollars being squandered around the world by foolish governments are simply wasted.

The NIPCC report also reveals just how hard it is to get global temperature to change. In the past 420,000 years, temperatures have varied up or down by only 3 degrees Celsius, or about 1 percent. That is enough to give us ice ages at one moment and comfortable warm periods like the present at another.

But the tiny changes in global temperature over recent geological time are just not enough to allow any serious, objective scientist to imagine that our altering 1/3,000 of the atmosphere over the coming century is going to make any noticeable difference to global temperature.

According to the RSS satellite record, there has been no global warming at all for nigh on 17 years.

Besides, CO2 is good for trees and plants. The NIPCC report, unlike its official counterpart, bears in mind the good effects of CO2 as well as the (negligible) bad ones.

As the report explains, CO2 is plant food. Without it, trees and plants would die and there would be no life on Earth. So, if you want to green the planet, just add CO2 to the air.

In fact, the NIPCC report goes further. It says that with only 0.04 percent CO2 in the atmosphere the plants and trees are starved of it. They need more. And there used to be a lot more than there is. In the Neoproterozoic era, 750 million years ago, 30 percent of the atmosphere was CO2 – and the planet did not fry.

So, why did the world get warmer in the 20th century? It was the sun. Now that solar activity is declining, the world is no longer getting warmer.

In fact, some scientists now say we could be facing global cooling of as much as half a degree Celsius, or 1 degree Fahrenheit, over the next two or three years. The reason is that solar activity is continuing to decline, and it only has to change a little to have a big effect on the climate.

Another stunning revelation in the NIPCC report is that the much-vaunted “consensus” among climate scientists to the effect that most of the global warming since 1950 was our fault never existed in the first place.

Analysis of the abstracts of 11,944 papers published in the learned journals over the 22 years 1991-2012 shows that just 41 papers, or 0.3 percent of the total, and not the 97 percent that is often claimed, say they agree with the official consensus that most recent warming was our fault.

However, no one will pay much attention to the NIPCC report, for outside WND very few will see any mention of it anywhere.

In business, bias is prevented by ensuring that the Green Team has to face the Red Team – a group whose job is to check and check again whether the business is doing things the best way they can be done.

If the NIPCC team had been appointed as the Red Team to provide a check against the bias in the official IPCC reports, there would be a great deal less bias in those reports in the first place. And perhaps the strangest intellectual aberration in the history of Man – the quasi-religious belief in Thermageddon – would never have occurred.

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