Cruz ‘as eligible as Obama is’

By WND Staff

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WASHINGTON – MSNBC host Chris Matthews didn’t have the slightest issue with Barack Obama’s constitutional eligibility.

But he is grilling Republican supporters of Sen. Ted Cruz’s presidential ambitions with reckless “birther” abandon.

On Friday, Rep. Blake Farenthold, R-Texas, was in his crosshairs.

Asked about Cruz’s constitutional eligibility given his birth in Canada, Farenthold said: “He’s as eligible as Obama is.”

“Well, what does that mean?” a flustered Matthews asked.

“Obama’s president, Ted Cruz can be president,” Farenthold answered.

“This is serious business, Congressman,” Matthews replied. “You’re chuckling about this. Is he eligible to be president or not? You’ve been touting the guy, you said he could run for president — explain.”

Matthews zeroed in like a laser beam with one issue in mind: Ted Cruz’s eligibility. When he said he believed Cruz to be eligible to serve as president, Matthews asked if he thought the same of Obama “even if that crazy theory of Donald Trump is true.”

“We’re talking about Ted Cruz,” Farenthold answered.

“Can’t you project an inch, mentally?” Matthews asked.

“I’m telling you that President Obama is the president,” Farenthold said. “If he’s eligible to be president, Ted Cruz is.”

“Was he legitimately elected president?” Matthews responded.

“I wasn’t in Congress to make that determination,” Farenthold said. “That was determined before I got here.”

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