America, Russia, NATO and now China have all sent warships to Syria. The Chinese insist their ships are there to observe. And they are: to observe the defensive and offensive capabilities of the other nations’ ships.

Even the pope has weighed in, writing a letter to Russian President Vladimir Putin, criticizing Western leaders and urging Putin and other leaders to use their influence to find a peaceful solution to this pending conflict. Perhaps that is the point when I remembered the biblical phrase, “I have put hooks in thy jaws,” from Ezekiel 38.

I confess, I always thought “hooks in thy jaws” was an odd expression. No longer. Speaking for a moment only of America, while Congress has yet to vote on “involvement” and while Obama insists such a vote would be only “advisory,” sentiment from citizens contacting their congressional representatives is overwhelming against any action in Syria.

Yet warships are there. Hooks in their jaws. The great powers, or rather once-great powers, can’t stay away. They are pulled into the conflict. “Come, this way. No, you must come …” A firm tug on the hook and they move forward. (Perhaps this is what the “way forward” really means?)

President Putin must be on iCloud 9 by now. Russia is no longer the evil empire. Under his leadership, first his nation and now Putin himself have been rehabilitated. Even the Lord’s representative on earth has recognized the change.

Prior to the Boston bombing, the Russian intelligence services urged the Americans to look into the perpetrators’ backgrounds and visits back home. Alas, our own intelligence services seem to have been more concerned with listening in on Americans’ telephone calls and watching our Internet activity – and, of course, the conversations and emails of our nation’s friends and allies, to the extent that we have any left. At any rate, and for whatever reason, $52 billion a year of “intelligence” just couldn’t be bothered. No one ever investigated. (Just like the flight instructors from the original 9/11 who urged the FBI to look into their Arab students who only wanted to fly; no interest in landings or takeoffs.)

Today a rehabilitated Russia is telling America that it wasn’t the Syrian government that used poison gas; it was the rebels. You know: the moderates backed by Obama, Kerry and McCain. And by extension you and me. Shades of Benghazi. The sun’s setting rays are stretching long over the Mideastern landscape. That sun is setting on the Christ-rejecting American superpower’s role in the world.

Do I believe this is the world’s entry into Armageddon? No. Not yet. This is just a gentle reminder that the Owner and Operator of the universe has not abdicated control over his creation.

He will. But only for a time. Yet during that time the world’s elites and the god of this world will demonstrate to all of the universe’s created intelligences their utter folly and inability to run the world in the absence of God. Their demonstration will stand as a monument of mockery for all of eternity.

God will put hooks into their jaws. And they will come. Note well the result of their grand effort, summarized in a single sentence:

“Interestingly, in Revelation 20:8 both Gog and Magog symbolize the nations of the world that have joined in a great battle against God and have been annihilated.” – Asbury Bible Commentary on Ezekiel 38:1-39:29

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