I don’t particularly enjoy being the bearer of bad news. In addition to reticence toward being a wet blanket or bringing people down, there is always the component in human nature that wants to kill the messenger, so to speak, in reaction to bad news.

People do not like to admit they’ve been taken. Many find this particularly shameful, and will do their level best to deny that they’ve been duped or betrayed by a trusted party, whomever that party may be or the level of existing trust. Consequently, no one wants to be the one to break the bad news about an associate’s prospective love interest being a gold-digger, or the friend who’s been talking behind another friend’s back.

If one doesn’t have a relationship with the recipient of said bad news, there is additional danger, since there’s no benefit of purporting to act in their best interest.

The American people have been betrayed in two areas that may be seemingly unrelated, but play to the same sentiments I’ve described. They concern our president, Barack Obama, and the creed known as Islam. The character of both have been distorted to compromise Americans’ better judgment, goodwill and compassion. This is not to say that I believe the president is a Muslim; in truth, I believe that Obama is either an atheist or an individual of agnostic leanings.

What I am saying – and why I have chosen to discuss these together – is that the confluence of threats posed by Barack Obama and Islam are the most serious existing threats to the survival of this nation. In very short order, either could exact an extremely grave toll on America, chiefly because Americans’ better judgment, goodwill and compassion have been compromised. Our human proclivity for denial in this area – in admitting to having been taken – presents at least as great a danger as those posed by Obama and Islam themselves.

Those Americans who are becoming increasingly disenchanted with the president are largely of the belief that he is incompetent; they still remain unaware that the things they attribute to incompetence are manifestations of a long-standing plan to dismantle the republic and supplant it with an oligarchical collective.

Even those who have been able to get past Obama’s “melanin shield” (the idea that his historical position as America’s first black president is somehow sacrosanct) have not yet been able to bring themselves to believe that Obama was practically bred to destroy America, nurtured in this role by a decades-old communist cabal that included family, friends and old-school communists and which reaches back across decades. Millions who are displeased, even disgusted with Obama will nevertheless find it nearly impossible to accept that they allowed themselves to be deceived to this degree and for so long.

Five factors presently militate against Americans accepting the truth with regard to Islam, this being that it is irrevocably incompatible with American society. These factors include the very tradition of tolerance I mentioned earlier, skewed perceptions of the First Amendment that erroneously allow for abuses thereof, political and press propaganda, Americans’ ignorance of the history of Islam and, lastly, that reluctance to admit we’ve been duped.

Examined historically, Islam is an unattractive creed. I refuse at this point to call it a religion. It is a creed with a religious component, or as others have said, a political system with a religious component. It has contributed nothing positive to the human condition in the aggregate over its 1,400-year existence; most of the noteworthy achievements ascribed thereto by historians and scholars were essentially stolen from conquered cultures. It is at once primitive, xenophobic, spiritually stultifying, misogynistic and cruel. What can be observed over the history of Islam is little more than pure aggression, misappropriation and destruction.

In its purest forms, its ugliness can be readily observed, such as in the Taliban’s Afghanistan. It can be observed in the self-imposed Muslim ghettos of Europe, wherein Muslim immigrants were extended vast opportunity by their naïve European hosts, only to squander it through adherence to a retrograde cult. Yet, at the very same time we in America witness this societal upheaval exacting a horrific toll in Europe, we are being bullied into tolerating the very process that led to that upheaval.

As we have seen in Egypt, there are indeed Muslims who hold a more cosmopolitan worldview than their radical brethren, who do not favor Wahhabism or a global caliphate. However, the actions and successes of the motivated and well-funded radical factions operating globally lend credence to the argument that Islam represents a global threat. Events playing out in Syria (wherein jihadists are attempting to make manifest the same scenario they did in Egypt) and the recent attack and siege at a mall in Nairobi, Kenya, also support this view.

Harsh measures – at least in the eyes of compassionate Americans – will be necessary to neutralize these threats, particularly on the domestic front. Our president is not only ideologically opposed to the American paradigm in general, but the Islamist forces with which he is allied are vigorously advancing their agenda here as well as abroad. Two deadly threats are enjoying a poisonous synergy on a global scale.

As it is often said, the first step in solving the problem is in admitting the problem exists. The maladies of which I speak are potentially fatal ones, so I pray that enough Americans recognize these deepening symptoms soon.

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