‘Obama’s Presidential Library’ is an outhouse

By Joe Kovacs

A sign above an outhouse in Tucumcari, N.M., calls the commode "Obama's Presidential Library."

It doesn’t matter if you think Barack Obama is the No. 1 or No. 2 president in American history.

There’s an outhouse in New Mexico labeled “Obama’s Presidential Library” to accommodate both.

Located in Tucumcari, N.M., near historic Route 66, the man who posted the sign has no apologies for the message concerning the commoder-in-chief.

“It’s like watching TV. If you don’t like what the hell you’re watching, turn the channel,” the man told KOAT-TV, refusing to provide his name.

“I’m not even certain he even deserves that level of respect, but that’s my opinion.”

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He did not say what specifically prompted him to construct the outhouse, but indicated he has no intention of flushing it, as it has been standing for weeks, if not months.

“That’s my opinion … and fortunately, that’s one thing they haven’t taken away from us … is our right to our opinion,” he added.

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Lauren Zakalik, a reporter for KOAT-TV, the local ABC affiliate, phoned city manager Doug Powers “to see if the city was doing anything about the sign.”

Powers said he had not seen the placard yet, but would visit the location to check if it’s compliant with city codes. Concerning the message, Powers thinks the city doesn’t have control over what people say.

Meanwhile, online commenters are having little problem dooing their business, posting comments on KOAT’s website such as:

  • “That’s an insult to the outhouse.”
  • “I think for Obama it should be a two-story outhouse.”
  • “It’s no wonder Obama’s library is so small, it only consists of one book … the Communist Manifesto!”
  • “I think two books. The other is the Koran.”
  • “If the sign read: ‘G.W. Bush Presidential Library,’ it wouldn’t even be in the news!”
  • “One things liberals have NEVER had is a sense of humor. Unless it’s about trashing Republicans or hate-speech against Sarah Palin. Other than that, they are cold, sour, nasty people who desperately need to lighten up.”

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