Our bumbling, stumbling president

By Ted Nugent

Going to war should not be a game of posturing and political charades, but rather a quantified presidential decision based on our national and strategic interests or to defend the nation.

Barack Obama’s ever-shifting policy on lobbing a few rockets or dropping a few “little” bombs on Syria is a political debacle – an international embarrassment engineered by a guy who knows as much about international maneuvering as I do about quantum physics. Actually, less.

Once again, our president is looking for a way to put the blame on anyone for this debacle other than himself. Sorry, Mr. President, but it is your credibility that is on the line. The buck stops where?

It is not the credibility of Congress, the international community or Mr. Bush that is on the line, but Mr. Obama’s presidential integrity. He was the one who mentioned a “red line” regarding the use of chemical weapons by the Assad punk, or maybe his Muslim Brotherhood buddies.

Recognizing that he jumped the red line Syrian shark, Obama is once again looking for a way to slip out of his self-imposed political noose. This time, however, the noose is much tighter, and Secretary of State Kerry is tightening it each time he opens his pro-bombing mouth.

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The only people in America who want to bomb Syria are the traditionally anti-war Democrats who now support an attack to protect their Democratic president. There are also a couple of Fedzilla-genuflecting RINOs who support bombing Syria.

If he bombs Syria, the president risks escalating military confrontation in the Middle East, which would likely cause gas prices in the United States to double and further cripple our increasingly artificial economy. If he doesn’t bomb Syria, he looks like a tin-horn paper tiger, a community organizer so to speak. The president has painted himself into a corner.

The nation watching this charade most closely has got to be Iran, which is still building a nuclear weapon – which, by the way, was another “red line” of our president.

Iran has to figure that if our president doesn’t bomb Syria, the United States probably won’t bomb them, either. That job would be tossed over the fence to Israel, which is just what Iran wants.

What the president is doing is hoping the Syrian bombing debacle fades into the sunset so that he doesn’t have to make a decision. He’s hoping the whole thing will fall off the front pages and that the next three years pass by as quickly as possible so that he can hop on the $200,000-a-speech circuit.

Instead of bombing Syria, the president should be reminded that our dismal economy is what matters most to Americans. Regretfully, our president knows even less about how the engine of our economy operates than he does about maneuvering in the Middle East.

Fasten your seat belts, America. The next three years are going to be a mighty bumpy ride.


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