Back when Bill Clinton occupied the White House, Rush Limbaugh dubbed the serial womanizer’s digs “the Oral Orifice.”

Under Barack Obama it’s worse. It has truly become “the Awful Office.”

It’s not just that bad decisions are made there.

Decisions are made there that are truly evil in their intent and their effect.

Take his proposed itsy-bitsy war on Syria, for instance.

What was this all about?

It was about doing the bidding of Saudi Arabia. It was about turning the U.S. military into the regional police force of unscrupulous Wahhabi oil sheikhs who have the money but not the guts to do their own fighting.

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And I strongly believe it had another motivation that was even more immoral. It was a wag-the-dog war effort to distract the American public and Congress from a slew of Obama scandals that have dropped from the headlines and the agendas of congressional investigators. In that sense, even Obama’s failed attempt to go to war with a nation that poses no national security threat to the U.S. accomplished its objective.

Do I need to remind you of what those scandals were about?

  • Benghazi: This scandal is even directly related to the Syrian war because of the arms smuggling involved. But it’s been more than a year now that the Obama administration has succeeded at stonewalling investigators trying to get to the bottom of why Ambassador Chris Stevens and Navy SEALs had to die there. So far, only one person has been punished for the attack on the U.S. mission in Libya – an anti-jihadi filmmaker is still in prison as the scapegoat for the terrorist attack on Sept. 11, 2012.
  • The politicization of the Internal Revenue Service: When was the last time you saw this scandal in the headlines? Do you think it’s because the Obama administration has seen the light or cleaned up its act? Far from it. In fact, by dropping focus from this scandal, the media and congressional watchdogs have given the green light for even worse abuses – in this administration and future ones.
  • Snooping on news agencies: Does anyone even remember how the Obama administration seized the phone records of journalists at the Associated Press, Fox News and other news agencies? Can anyone tell me who went to jail for that? Did anyone in the Justice Department or White House lose their jobs? Is failure to investigate and punish likely to ensure such police state actions like this never happen again?
  • Snooping on every American: Has everyone forgotten what we’ve learned about how the Obama administration took National Security Agency spying to absurd new Big Brother heights in the last five years? Is everyone in Congress and the press too terrified to pursue this scandal because they have something to hide or because they recognize America has become the kind of state George Orwell could only imagine in his worst nightmares?

There are many more long-forgotten Obama scandals, too. When was the last time you heard about Solyndra, for instance? How many new jobs and kilowatts of green energy have actually been produced with all of the public “investment” in those sham companies set up by Obama friends and funded generously with your tax dollars?

And speaking of tax dollars, let’s not forget about the biggest, wildest spending spree in the history of the American republic that continues in Washington today. There aren’t nearly enough tax dollars to cover it, so Obama just keeps on borrowing with the help of House Republicans who have squandered opportunity after opportunity to turn off the spigot.

Then there’s Obamacare. It turns out it was everything the critics and the American public feared it would be – a nationalized health-care scam that would drive up prices for insurance and medical care, make medical care scarcer, drive doctors out of the profession and deny patients life-saving treatment.

That’s why I call it “the Awful Office.”

Why wouldn’t Obama stumble and bumble his way through a foreign policy misadventure if it caused everyone to take their eyes off the high crimes and misdemeanors he had previously perpetrated?

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