I was thinking about writing this column for a few days only to learn my lovable and affable colleague Jerome Corsi beat me to the punch.

He has a way of doing that. Great minds think alike, I always say.

Jerry is fearless – and for this attribute, he is also feared. Not by me, of course. I’m his boss. But by anyone and everyone Jerry investigates.

Take possibly the largest bank in the world – HSBC. Jerry was the only investigative journalist in the world with the cojones to take on their role as the banker for international terrorists, drug lords and other no-goodniks. Jerry moonlights as a financial securities broker and got fired by the institution he worked for as a thank you for his work that led directly to the largest banking fines in history.

You can revisit Jerry’s heroic and unsung work on HSBC at the voluminous links at the bottom of the finale of WND stories on the subject.

It’s worth mentioning that HSBC plays rough – and loose with the law. When WND started the series that led to its record fine, which hardly put a dent in its corrupt practices, the banks actually used its plentiful resources and power to block any public access to a WND report for three hours until the First Amendment caught up with them.

That doesn’t even begin to illustrate Jerry’s doggedness, determination and grit as an investigative reporter who has written two No. 1 New York Times bestsellers – one that took down a presidential candidate and another that came close.

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But I digress.

I was going to write a column that mourned the fact that the once-serious charge of “racism” has been so misused and abused by the left in recent years that it no longer has any meaning – or sting.

Then I learned, courtesy of the muckrakers at The Raw Story, that Jerry had taken the words right out of my fertile brain.

I guess the “journalist” behind that effort, who, to my knowledge, has not made any major banks tremble, has never questioned the constitutional eligibility of any presidents nor has he written any No. 1 New York Times bestsellers, figured this story was a “gotcha.”

Here was Corsi saying, “Well, they want to call me a racist? Go ahead. Want to call me a bigot? Go ahead. But I’m not going to be judged on what somebody called me. I’m going to be judged on the adherence to God’s law.”

I had been thinking along the same lines.

Ever since Barack Obama became a candidate for president, anyone who dared to scrutinize his unimpressive and scant record, including me, has been labeled over and over – countless times – as a “racist.”

Early on, I took great offense. I was outraged. After all, I was a guy who actually marched with Martin Luther King. I was a guy who once prided himself as a veritable Third World poster boy – a genetic combination Arab, American Indian, French Canadian. I was a guy who had no tolerance for racism – and still don’t, by the way.

But, after a while, I began looking at the clowns who hurled these insults so effortlessly and cowardly. Were they actually fighting racism? No, they were fighting ideas. They were rejecting truth. They were actually, in many cases, advancing racism by mischaracterizing non-racists with a term they thought had power.

What they have succeeded in doing is diminishing the power of the charge.

They have also obscured the real racism all around us – the kind that keeps “people of color” in a state of dependency on the state, something I believe Martin Luther King, who came from a long line of Republicans, would have rejected out of hand.

The miscreants who hurl that invective, ironically, tend to be supporters of the Democratic Party – the one that kept black people in bondage for too many years in the south and the one that keeps them in bondage and a deplorable state of perpetual victimhood to this day.

So who are the real racists? The very people abusing the term.

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