In striking alignment with two bestsellers, Jonathan Cahn’s “The Harbinger” and “The Isaiah 9/10 Judgment” documentary, a brand-new book provides startling evidence the terrorist attacks on Sept. 11, 2001, were a prophetic judgment on America.

And the book contends the surprise attacks literally set in motion two of the Bible’s most critical end-time prophecies.

Written by James F. Fitzgerald, creator of the historic “WatchWORD Bible New Testament”  – a 10-year project to put God’s word on video, “The 9/11 Prophecy” recounts his remarkable testimony that New York City received warning of an imminent judgment 14 months before 9/11. The city was warned, he says, that “a surprise attack in a single hour” would be a sign pointing to prophetic events described in chapter 18 of the book of Revelation.

In July 2000, Fitzgerald and his team released “The Book of Revelation” at a secular film festival at Madison Square Garden. Their 110-minute feature was the first word-for-word production of the Bible’s most famous prophetic book. It took 10 months and hundreds of thousands of dollars to complete. More than 500 scenes were created in computers to convey the fantastic biblical imagery.

“Then the week before we went to the festival,” says Fitzgerald, “as I reviewed our master for any problems, the Lord suddenly spoke to me through a verse of scripture in chapter 18. It said, ‘This was the greatest city ever.’

“That verse caught my attention because here we were preparing to go to the media capital of the world in a matter of days. That also caused me to remember a book from the 1980s that had predicted the Lord’s imminent fiery destruction of New York. I hadn’t read the book and didn’t think it made sense in the way that God worked, without giving preliminary warnings and judgments, but I decided to go restudy the chapter.

“What I soon discovered stunned me. In chapter 18, three different groups described the Lord’s judgment on the great city of Babylon. In each case, every one of these groups fit the description of New York City more than any other city on the planet,” he said.

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“I came away thinking if the Lord is ever going to judge Babylon as Scripture foretold, surely He must also have to judge New York at some point in the future. It was such an amazing ‘type’ of Babylon. I knew in spite of its doing many good things, the city had been complicit in so many things that were wrong in our country and the world.”

Fitzgerald then wondered when such a judgment might happen.

“No sooner did I ask myself that question,” he says, “than I realized we were releasing ‘The Book of Revelation’ not just at any random time, but right at the New Millennium. Because of Y2K, the Millennium had been a time when many people were naturally concerned about what the future might hold, and here we were releasing this famous prophetic book about the end of the world and the second coming. How providential was that!

“Not only that, my next thought was ‘The Book of Revelation’ was being released in New York of all places, that particular city in the whole world that most reflected Babylon. Surely these two providences weren’t just coincidence. They were too significant.”

At that moment Fitzgerald says he was reminded of Jonah’s story in the Old Testament and how the prophet was sent to warn Nineveh of judgment and went a day’s journey into the center of the city. As the author recounts, the Lord made it clear to him that He had opened a door for them at Madison Square Garden in the center of the city – just like Jonah in Nineveh – because He would speak to New York in a still small voice through His Word, warning of an impending judgment.

“If that were true,” says Fitzgerald, “my next thought was that such a judgment would need to reflect chapter 18 in some way or people would never recognize it when it came for what it was. In that chapter three times it repeats that Babylon’s judgment came ‘in a single hour.’ The only thing I could see to fit that that would be a surprise attack with tall buildings falling, fire and smoke visible from sea, and many people killed in a short time. It was dreadful to contemplate.”

He then shared all this with his team.

“There is so much more I tell in the book,” the author says. “I hardly scratch the surface here. When 9/11 struck just 430 days after our premier, it proved to be an astonishing reflection of the events in chapter 18. The first building to fall collapsed in only 56 minutes – an amazing reflection of ‘in a single hour her judgment will come.’ And who would have believed it?

“I carefully document a dozen other specific examples from chapter 18 in ‘The 9/11 Prophecy.’ After the attack, a number of commentators did see the connection, as well, but in our case, we didn’t recognize it after the fact. God had sent us to the city with this warning before it ever happened.”

Fitzgerald also describes how the Lord confirmed his mission in three striking ways after the attack.

“The first of these confirmations was absolutely staggering to me. My wife’s ancestors had owned the World Trade Center property – Ground Zero of the attack in New York – for almost 100 years at the city’s founding. I was astonished! This was the same land on which the towers stood and also St. Paul’s Chapel that played such a key role in ‘The Harbinger,’ by Rabbi Jonathan Cahn. The towers were built over a street named after my wife’s original Dutch ancestor. Half of Dey Street still remains,” he said.

Incredibly, Fitzgerald tells how these three confirmations form a pattern of exactly where, how and when the attack would strike. But as he later realized, he understood the purpose of these extraordinary confirmations for encouragement to strengthen his resolve to write ‘The 9/11 Prophecy’ – despite the opposition he would face from various quarters for what he says in the book about 9/11 and the future of America and Islam. He believed the Lord was continuing to guide him.

“When 9/11 struck in the first year of the New Millennium, with its sheer magnitude, high visibility, and shock to our nation – the world’s super power, I was convinced it must have even more significance than I’d imagined. Knowing with certainty as I did that the attack was a judgment, I quickly saw why it was also purposely connected to Revelation and the endtimes,” he said.

In the book’s prologue, Fitzgerald writes: “Not only had God’s judgment been a surprise attack and a prophetic sign as I had believed, but it had proved to be a powerful catalyst. The spectacular strike on America by just 19 jihadists in the first year of the New Millennium had turned the course of history in a single hour. God’s judgment on 9/11 had begun the endtimes.”

Describing the last third of the book, Fitzgerald said: “I devote the final nine entire chapters to showing from scripture, history and current events exactly how this audacious surprise attack initiated two famous prophecies. I give mountains of evidence that 9/11 was God’s terrible catalyst to begin ‘the endtime generation’ that Jesus foretold on Olivet. I also know many Christians have long wondered why we don’t see the United States in the endtimes in ‘Revelation’ – a nation as great and powerful as we currently are – and these chapters give the answer. Chapter 20 alone, detailing America’s hidden role in prophetic scripture, will amaze people and open many eyes. It’s worth the price of the book by itself. I also cover Islam’s role in the endtimes and the coming of a Muslim Antichrist who must be alive even now to be of age at the proper time in this generation.

“By God’s grace, I’ve written these things as a witness and a ‘watchman on the wall’ that He sent to New York with His warning before 9/11. God used our production of His holy Word to warn of an event that would begin the endtime generation in history. I believe He’s given me this testimony as a platform so people can know for a fact that 9/11 was a judgment on our nation. ‘The Harbinger’ with its amazing application of Isaiah 9:10 to the events that have followed 9/11 is another witness,” he said.

“And if God was moved to bring a judgment on the United States of America as severe as the attacks of 9/11 and we have not repented of what led Him to do that in the first place, what does it mean for our future? Clearly, it means we are still a nation under wrath – as hard as that is for people to really grasp or accept. All that is happening to our nation now that is so troublesome can be traced to this single fact – and it will not go away,” he said.

“However, America is also the world’s sole super power. If God is preparing to bring down the ‘world’s indispensible nation’ to quote Madeline Albright, what does that mean for the rest of the globe? There will be no where else to turn. As I show in ‘The 9/11 Prophecy,’ our inevitable fall will fulfill biblical prophecy and lead to an Islamic Antichrist on the world stage in this generation. The attack by Muslim jihadists on 9/11 was the opening salvo in their battle to re-establish the caliphate – but in our God’s great providence, it was really the beginning of the birth pangs before Jesus returns. This is a book every believer needs to read.”

“The 9/11 Prophecy,” published by WND Books, is available now at the WND Superstore signed by Jim Fitzgerald.

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