While former New England Patriots linebacker Brian Holloway was out of state, over the Labor Day weekend an estimated 300 teens broke into and partied down in his $1.5 million, 5,000-square-foot upstate New York home. The drinking and drugging youth spray-painted walls, urinated on carpets, broke doors and windows, and stole items, wreaking over $20,000 in damages to the empty house that’s been on the market.

The teens bragged about their flash-party exploits on social media, posting photos of themselves on Twitter and Facebook. According to the New York Post (which published the brats’ online photos), Holloway, father of eight, learned from his 19-year-old son that dozens of kids were tweeting in real-time about the party. Watch this video.

Holloway watched in disbelief as the scene unfolded on Twitter. The revelers came from at least nine surrounding high schools and a local college. Holloway, who found 170 tweets from the party within its first three hours, re-posted them to a website to help identify the house crashers and urge them to change their behavior.

Incredibly, some of the hooligans’ parents are threatening to sue Holloway for exposing their sons/daughters.

“You would not believe the calls that have come in, threatening to firebomb me or hurt or sue me – any manner of things,” he told the New York Post. “Some complained that this will ruin their kids’ college plans. Others have threatened me, saying, ‘Take my kid’s name down or I’m gonna press charges against you.'”

Suggested one blogger who posted the story: “Perhaps the community would be better served if Holloway provided even more sunlight by posting the names and identities of the people who are threatening to sue him.”


We noticed

Doug Ross of Director Blue, a popular new-media news and opinion blog, last week called out political strategist Karl Rove, Fox News commentator and fundraiser extraordinaire, for Rove’s attacks on the Republican conservative base. It’s not the first time Ross has taken Rove to task.

Likening Rove to Bernie Madoff, the financier who made off with millions in other’s investment dollars, Ross included a partial transcript of radio host Mark Levin’s recent interview with former House Majority Whip Tom Delay (who was in office at the time of the 1995 federal government shutdown), during which Delay disagreed with Rove’s admonition advising Republicans to not attempt defunding Obamacare.

In the lead-up to the transcript, Ross wrote:

In all of American history, has there ever been a bigger campaign fundraising failure than Karl Rove?

Look at it only in terms of dollars wasted during a single election cycle. In 2012 alone, Rove torched $400 million on losing candidates, if Donald Trump’s estimate is accurate.

As if that record wasn’t enough, Rove’s bizarre attacks on conservative candidates helped suppress the vote. Millions of members of the conservative base, discouraged by a squishy moderate presidential candidate and lack of a coherent attack on a failed president, boycotted the 2012 election.

Now Rove is attacking principled conservatives like Ted Cruz and Mike Lee; these are men who have actually taken a stand to stop the disastrous onset of Obamacare. As October 1st nears, hospitals are shedding jobs, full-time workers are being transitioned to part-time, and those with coverage are losing their coverage. State exchanges aren’t ready for prime time, and the entire system is headed for a very ugly collapse.

… As usual Rove is dead wrong. During the last government shutdown, when a conservative House smacked Bill Clinton around and forced him to balance the budget, Delay was the House Majority Whip. He was there. Rove was not. He knows what transpired. Rove does not.

Interviewed on yesterday’s Mark Levin show, Delay patiently explained to listeners – using small words for Rove and his apparatchik Dana Perino – the awesome benefits the Republicans accrued by standing up to Bill Clinton.”

… Rove is successful at fundraising, but his political track record is one only the ’62 Mets could envy.

Rove is the Bernie Madoff of the Republican establishment. Anyone who sends him a single dollar might as well be lighting cigars with the money.

Ouch. As it turned out, House Republicans ignored Rove’s advice and voted 230 – 189 last week to defund the so-called “Affordable Care Act” while funding the rest of the federal government’s operations in a continuing resolution that will expire Dec. 15. The bill now goes to the Senate.

A dog and his master

It is a given that dogs often resemble their masters. The folks at the political satire blog “Michelle’s Mirror” offer up some examples. For example, can you guess which famous figure on the world stage might be the master of this purebred Portuguese water dog? (Hint: Ah no, it is not POTUS).

Can you name them all?

Stella at The Conservative Treehouse challenges you to name the state capitals. You have ten minutes to get “all 57 states” correct. Ready…set…go!

Interactive history of the United States

A fascinating and fun capsule of U.S. history, and it’s free! Here’s an interesting look at the evolution of our country’s growth, from the 13 colonies to the present. The video includes wars, dates, land purchases and expansions, rail and river transportation, population migrations and more. As much as you may know about American history, you’ll learn something from this short video. Gather the kids around, and click “play” at the top of the screen.

Where’s Waldo?

This is a great page to locate U.S. senators, listed by state with names hot-linked, which makes contact with them easy. When you click on the state, not only do the senators appear, but also a list of the representatives of that state.

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