WASHINGTON – When WND founder Joseph Farah penned “Taking America Back” in 2003, he thought he was offering his countrymen a common-sense, popular prescription for returning to constitutionally limited government under God.

While the book has sold nearly 100,000 copies in four editions since then, Farah acknowledges sadly that America has only drifted far from its founding principles and godly purpose – faster and further than he ever imagined possible in a decade.

Nevertheless, the Internet news pioneer and bestselling author of more than a dozen other books that have sold millions combined, doesn’t despair that few have embraced his manifesto, which he believes is as relevant as the day it was first published.

“If I judge this book by sales, I would have to be pleased,” said Farah. “But if I judged this book by how our country has responded to the message of self-government and personal responsibility and a return to liberty principles, I would have to judge it as a miserable failure. Of course, I’m not taking all the blame. It’s not unusual, history demonstrates, for people to reject good news.”

There is good news in “Taking America Back,” but Farah’s message is not always music to people’s ears.

The book shows how Americans as a people have moved from freedom fighters to comfort lovers. He says it’s time to wake up and realize where our present state of affairs is taking us. It’s up to Americans to choose the kind of country in which we want to live.

But how can we take America back? According to Farah, the only way Americans can re-establish their freedom – their God-given rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness – is to break the hammerlock of statism and the notion that morally relativistic secular humanism holds the answers to controlling men’s passions and behavior.

“Taking America Back” exposes the weaknesses in America’s current system and offers practical solutions – solutions that are real and doable, solutions that can revive freedom, morality and justice in our nation.

“This is the book written for all those people out there who write to me and ask: ‘I agree about the problems you expose, but what are the solutions?’ The solutions are in this book,” he says. “Here it is. Come and get it.”

Here’s what others have said about “Taking America Back”:

  • Dr. Laura Schlessinger: “Joseph Farah and I share a fierce passion for protecting children and a belief that without the Ten Commandments there would be no U.S. Constitution or Bill of Rights. Every American who shares our convictions should read this book.”
  • Rush Limbaugh: “Joseph Farah has written a thought-provoking recipe for reclaiming America’s heritage of liberty and self-governance. I don’t agree with all the solutions proposed here, but Farah definitely nails the problems.”
  • Sean Hannity: “I don’t agree with everything Joseph Farah says in ‘Taking America Back,’ but he has written a provocative, from-the-heart call to action. It’s a must-read for anyone who wonders how we can expand liberty and reclaim the vision of our founders.”
  • Walter E. Williams: “‘Taking America Back’ is a book whose time has come. It speaks in ordinary language to ordinary Americans as to how we’re losing our liberties and what we must do to get them back. Kudos to Joseph Farah.”
  • The late Dr. Jerry Falwell: “Joseph Farah raises a clarion call to action in his new book, ‘Taking America Back.’ He hits the nail on the head on every issue. What’s more, he lays the blame for America’s problems right where it belongs – in the lap of liberalism. His insightful analysis of what he calls ‘this evil ideology’ is worth the price of the book. Don’t miss it!”
  • Hal Lindsey: “‘Taking America Back’ is a wakeup call for responsible self-government. It’s a radical vision for liberty – in the same way Washington, Jefferson and Madison had a radical vision of freedom.”
  • Tim LaHaye: “For 25 years I have tried to get our fellow Americans to realize that the anti-God, anti-moral controllers of our media, education system and entertainment industry are against America and the principles on which our God-fearing founders built the greatest country in the history of the world. In ‘Taking Back America,’ Joseph Farah says it better than I did and offers a workable plan for reversing our nation’s moral decay by getting our government leaders to realize that we, the majority, really want this to be ‘One Nation Under God.'”

So how do liberty-minded, faithful Americans take America back?

“The secret, I believe, to achieving victory is to go on offense,” Farah explains. “For too long, freedom-minded Americans have been playing defense only. They react to problems. They react to initiatives from the enemy on dozens of fronts. They content themselves to beating back an encroachment on their freedom – even while a dozen others succeed. ‘Taking America Back’ is a blueprint for taking the war to the other side. It’s a battle plan for waging an offensive struggle against the forces of darkness. It’s an instruction manual for reclaiming our heritage of liberty. It’s a guidebook to taking back territory already ceded to the bad guys. In ‘Taking America Back,’ I lay out a 12-step program for winning this new revolution. I explain concepts few other authors have ever tackled for the mass audience:

  • “What is self-government? What does it mean? Why is it essential to being a free people?
  • “What is defense? Hint: It has nothing to do with the ability to project military power around the world.
  • “hat are the practical first steps that anyone can and should take to get their country back?”

He continues: “This is a radical book. This is not for the faint of heart. This is not a book for armchair revolutionaries. This is not for compromisers. This is a book intended to propel you into action. So, if you are content with the direction of our country, avoid this book at all costs. If you think America is getting freer all the time, you probably won’t understand the principles of this book. If you believe your children’s world is more sane, more secure and happier than your world, just turn on the television and forget you ever heard of ‘Taking America Back.’ You won’t get it. You are part of the problem, not part of the solution.”

“Taking America Back,” now in its fourth edition, is on sale signed by the author at the WND Superstore.

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