WASHINGTON – He was, without doubt, the most venerated rabbi in Israel at the age of 108.

Some 250,000 marched in his funeral procession after his death in 2007.

But when Yitzhak Kaduri’s much-anticipated letter announcing the name of the Messiah he claimed to have encountered was unsealed a year after his death, the Israeli press and world media that found him so quotable in life ignored it.

Now a brand-new book and documentary, “The Rabbi Who Found Messiah,” about his life, death and the secrets he took to the grave, tells the whole mysterious story for the first time.

And what was the name of the Messiah whom Kaduri met after years of praying and fasting? It was Yehoshua – the formal name for Yeshua, or Jesus in the Greek.

The book is written by former policeman turned pastor, Carl Gallups, who previously wrote “Magic Man in the Sky,” a popular Christian apologetics work. But now Gallups turns back to his detective skills to in “The Rabbi Who Found Messiah,” unraveling a mystery of why Yitzhak Kaduri, so celebrated in life has become the forgotten rabbi in Israel.

Even Kaduri’s own family claimed Kaduri’s handwritten letter naming the Messiah was a forgery. Others in Jewish circles suggested he had simply lost touch with reality due to old age.

But Christians like Gallups believe he was not the first rabbi or Jewish leader to find his Messiah in the man from Galilee. All of Jesus’ early disciples and apostles were Jews – including Rabbi Shaul, known as the Apostle Paul, the self-proclaimed “Pharisee of the Pharisees,” who persecuted those who clung to Yeshua as the Messiah.

Then there was Simeon, the elderly man who proclaimed his life-long dream of meeting the Messiah before his death, proclaimed to Jesus’ mother and father that the baby they brought to the Temple for dedication represented the fulfillment of his wishes.

There’s much more to Kaduri’s story in the book and companion documentary – including his proclamation that the messiah would not reveal himself to mankind until after the death of a former Israeli prime minister, who still clings to life today.

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