“Free and feral” read the white letters on the black T-shirt of the young man who crossed my path in Jackson Square in the New Orleans French Quarter. He was with several male companions, and from their appearance it was evident that they were indeed feral human beings, living in the streets and coming upon their sustenance as would a feral cat or dog. What I was encountering was indeed a small group of feral human beings.

His was not the only group of feral human beings in Jackson Square, and none of these groups was unique to the French Quarter.

The several groups of feral human beings can be broken down into two categories by age. One category was the older, mostly alcoholic or mentally ill homeless; the other group was made up of younger feral adults who very much resembled those who participated in the Occupy Wall Street in New York City in 2011.

I could not help but stop and observe members of the two groups who seemed not to interact at all. I had the sense that the younger individuals were in a kind of state of denial, believing that the older groups did not represent their own future. In fact, the only observable difference between the two groups was age. Both groups had separated themselves from society, and their principal income seemed to be panhandling in one form or the other.

The young feral adults, a couple of whom had faded Obama campaign T-shirts, were all Caucasians. The males outnumbering the females about four to one. There was no mistake that unlike the older homeless who had burned out their lives, the younger group had chosen this existence as a lifestyle. Apparently neither group is aware that urinating and defecating in public parks or in pedestrian tunnels is offensive to those who have not chosen to live in the manner they do. Many of these public parks and squares in New Orleans – and every other major city in the United States – smell of human waste to some degree or another.

Both groups for the most part have become a part of the ambiance of warmer cities, particularly near the coasts, as their status has actually risen. These feral human beings have reached a protected status, particularly in cities run by liberal politicians, a status that allows them to violate laws and to invade the space of working men and women with their general foulness. In cities such as Seattle, San Francisco, New Orleans and many other Democrat-controlled cities, loitering, panhandling, public intoxication and drug use laws are ignored. Indeed in colder climates, cities pass out blankets and even tents for homeless “communities.”

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As a result, the homeless and feral have become so empowered that a group I was with in Seattle was actually asked to move out of the way by a homeless man, because our discussion was taking up his panhandling spot for too long. Entire parks in the nation’s capital cannot be used by taxpaying citizens to walk dogs or take children to play because they are the bedrooms and bathrooms of the feral. The lobby of the large, historic post office just blocks from the Capitol Building in Washington, D.C., smells of urine. Rather than attempt to enforce the law, a postal employee posted a handwritten note on a trash can asking the homeless to please not urinate on the floor. (See below.)

While some cities, like Las Vegas, for example, crack down on public prostitution, public fornication among the feral is often ignored because there is simply no room in the jails for them. Cities do not have the space in jails or the financial means to house feral adults with mental and substance-abuse issues who are breaking laws such as public intoxication and lewdness. Our financially and morally bankrupt society has collectively made the decision that camps of substance abusers and mentally ill are an acceptable alternative to enforcing laws and rehabilitating feral human beings.

Rather than deal with the actual problem, liberals in control use their attitudes of superiority to sooth their consciences by feeding and clothing the feral. Sadly, the solution offered by churches and Christian ministries tracks a similar pattern. Church groups and Christian ministries that once made an attempt to preach the Gospel of salvation and rehabilitation to the downtrodden have now accepted the cultural standards and instead merely feed and clothe them, with little or no effort to win them to Christ.

The only real salvation, both physically and mentally, for most of the older homeless and the younger feral adults is spiritual change. As has been true for nearly 2,000 years, Jesus Christ is the answer, but church ministry to the feral and homeless has for the most part become one of sustaining rather than saving. Many in the church follow the path of the liberal elite, casting their bread crumbs to those they view as unsalvageable, on the way to pick up their lattes at Starbucks.

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