Hitler’s ‘Mein Kampf’ is standard Arab textbook

By Focus on Israel

“The New anti-Semitism is an illegitimate and intellectually dishonest movement impacting academia in the U.S. today” – Dr. Gerald Meister

Episode 3 of Focus on Israel unravels the pretzel logic behind the equation, namely new anti-Semitism = anti-Zionism = anti-Israel = anti-Jew.

In this episode Cardoza-Moore demonstrates “how a new anti-Semitism has taken hold worldwide after the re-birth of the State of Israel. It emanates from the far left, radical Islam, and the far right. It is tantamount to demonization and has led to a resurgence of anti-Semitic attacks.”

On April 3, 2006, the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights announced its finding that incidents of anti-Semitism are a “serious problem” on college campuses throughout the United States. University campuses today have become a hotbed of anti-Semitism and a propagator of pro-Islamic teachings and organizations.

Dr. Meister exclaims, “What they’re telling young people are incitements to further mayhem because the Nazis are now the darlings of Islam!”

This examination of the new anti-Semitism includes:

  • Dr. John Garr, founder and president of the Hebraic Christian Global Community
  • Rabbi Dr. Gerald Meister, former advisor to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the State of Israel on Israel-Christian Affairs
  • Dr. Brad H. Young, Graduate School of Theology, Oral Roberts University
  • Rabbi Shlomo Risken, founder and dean of the OHR Torah Stone Institution
  • Walid Shoebat, former PLO terrorist

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