Amid all the constant talk about debt – personal debt, corporate debt, and especially the government’s astronomical debt – there’s a crucial secret relatively few people understand.

Here’s a powerful clue: Debt carries interest, and interest is currently strangling the life out of the economy of every nation on earth.

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“Jekyll Island” is directed by Bill Still, a former newspaper writer, editor and publisher who has written for USA Today, the Saturday Evening Post, the Los Angeles Times Syndicate and OMNI magazine. Producer of the syndicated radio program “Health News,” Still’s previous documentaries include “The Secret of Oz,” “The Secret of Oz 2” and “The Money Masters.”

“This will come as a surprise to most people,” says Still, “but today nations do not control their national money supply. Today, most money is created by banks – as loans.”

“Today,” he continues, “banks are in complete control of the quantity of the money in every nation. As a result, banks have seized control of the entire democratic process and will, by this seizure, reverse humanity’s thousand-year march towards freedom.”

The good news is that it doesn’t need to be this way. Banks don’t need to be in control, says Still. Governments don’t need to borrow. Governments don’t need a national debt.

“This is a relatively recent phenomenon,” explains the film’s director. “As long as we allow government borrowing – the cancer at the core of all our economic problems – we will never return governments to true democratic republics. They will all be just shams – fakes – appearing to go through the motions of free elections when in reality the big banks have effective control over the democratic process. This means that no government that borrows from banks can ever pass effective legislation to reverse this usurpation of humanity’s quest for political freedom.”

Bottom line, says Still: “Economic instability always favors the banks and financial speculators. Economic stability always favors We the People and the cause of human freedom. As long as banks are in control of the money, there is NO WAY they will ever create a stable system.”

Watch the trailer for “Jekyll Island”:

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