Rush Limbaugh

Rush Limbaugh’s other passion besides broadcasting is football, and now he is proposing the NFL create a new day of observance for its players.

Since so many professional football players have numerous, often neglected children by various “baby mamas,” which Limbaugh described as “the casual, flippant, detestable and common buzz-phrase for absentee, wham-bam fatherhood,” he joked that the NFL needs to launch a new campaign: “Fatherhood Awareness Month.”

Instead of wearing the usual colored ribbons, he suggested, players could wear another symbol, like “a broken condom” or “child support checks.”

Limbaugh added, “We could use bounced child support checks if we run out of child support checks. There might be more of those (free audio).”

During his show, Limbaugh also exploded on the Republican Party after opposition to Obamacare crumbled.

“I really think some of this is oriented toward the Republicans actually seeking to get rid of their conservative base,” Rush said to his audience. “And even if it takes 15 years in the wilderness to rebuild a new base of people who don’t embarrass them, and people who are of the right temperament, maybe that’s what they’re willing to do.”

Michael Savage

Dr. Savage condemned the U.S. Army for categorizing the American Family Association as “a ‘domestic hate group’ because they don’t like homosexuals.”

“I told you this day would come,” he said. “This means that, according to the U.S. Army, this Christian ministry is now in the same category as the KKK, the Black Panthers and the American Nazi Party” (free audio).

Following the collapse of the Obamacare stand off, Savage blamed the Republicans for selling out their principles in exchange for pork-barrel promises.

The president, Savage said, won by “buying votes, even from the so-called Republicans.

“Mitch McConnell, the fraud, got a $2 billion pork barrel earmark for his state of Kentucky. … Do you think the Republican mainstream really didn’t want a deal? They were just holding out for some graft all along” (free audio).

Aaron Klein

Broadcasting from Israel gives Aaron Klein a one-of-a-kind perspective on the region he shares with his audience. This week he explained Obama’s real agenda for “peace” in the Middle East: the creation of a Palestinian state by forcing Israel to give up the Jordan Valley, the West Bank, eastern Jerusalem and even the Temple Mount.

Klein also investigates the background of the president’s nominee for Federal Reserve chief, and reveals new information about the Benghazi attacks. His special guest, Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., came on to answer questions about the future of Medicare and Social Security and the impact of raising the debt ceiling (free audio).

Mark Levin

Ted Cruz joined Levin to analyze his failed attempt to block Obamacare, and blamed a number of his fellow Republicans in the Senate for, “going on television, going on radio, going everywhere and blasting the House Republicans saying ‘we cannot win,’ ‘this will fail,’ ‘there’s no way to win’ and when you’ve got half the Senate Republican caucus firing their cannons at the House Republicans, it sabotages the effort” (free audio).

Levin declared that Obama is essentially holding America hostage:

“If his ransom demands (threat of default) are met by the Congress and he gets everything he wants, which is a clean CR and a clean debt ceiling with no ‘partisan’ strings, then he will have effectively stolen the power of the purse from Congress. All he’ll have to do is threaten default or some other calamity in the future and Congress will have to bend to his will” (free audio).

Laura Ingraham

Now that the shutdown has ended, the latest catchwords in Washington are “immigration reform” and “conference.” Rep. Raul Labrador told Ingraham that his fellow Republicans would be “crazy” to conference with their Democrat colleagues on the amnesty.

However, his colleague, Steve Scalise of Louisiana, refused to rule the idea out completely.

Laura’s guest, Dr. Ramin Oskoui, explained that Obamacare would actually hurt more cancer patients than it helps (free audio).

Glenn Beck

Ann Coulter joined Beck debate the nation’s need for a third party to offer voters a real choice between Democrats and Republicans.

Beck supports the idea, but Coulter shot him down, shouting, “This is how nations die, Glenn Beck! We’re going to lose. All that matters is winning, winning, winning” (free video).

A more unexpected guest joined Beck this week, when fashion designer Norma Kamali came on to talk about her new campaign calling on women to reject the way they are portrayed in the media and in real life.

She and Beck agreed that men need to play a role by changing their own attitudes and behavior.

“I think if every father heard his daughter’s stories of objectification,” Kamali said to Beck, “all of these fathers would have such an incredible influence on the behavior of their sons, of other men they know, of other men in the family, and they would change the way they talk to women” (free audio).


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