A top executive for America’s leading pro-life organization, the American Life League, says the Obama administration is “doing the work of Satan” through its abortion and abortifacient mandates.

The conclusion comes from Jim Sedlak, vice president of the pro-life group that faithfully follows Catholic teaching and opposes not only abortion but other death-related agendas such as euthanasia.

Sedlak’s comments came only a day after the Washington Post quoted “Exorcist” author William Peter Blatty calling a graphic abortion procedure “demonic.”

At virtually the same time, Obama’s Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius was waffling in testimony before Congress on whether health care insurance policies would be available under Obamacare that allow religious believers to opt out of funding abortion.

“We have always described the work of Planned Parenthood as Satanic,” Sedlak told WND on the issue of abortion and Blatty’s reference.

“If you look around the country, if Satan were to establish an organization today, what organization would be most like that one,” he said. “The answer is Planned Parenthood, which does the work of Satan with its attacks on our young people … with sexual sin.”

It also promotes the “total devaluation of human life,” he said.

“We frequently refer to those that are radical pro-abortion as doing the work of Satan,” he said.

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“In this regard, certainly the [Obama] administration is doing the work of Satan.”

Blatty’s comment came during a conversation about his petition to the pope to instruct  Georgetown University to follow the teachings of its founder, the Roman Catholic church, or lose it’s Catholic identity.

According to the Washington Post, Blatty said the last straw for him regarding Georgetown was its invitation to Sebelius, who was radically pro-abortion even when she was the governor of Kansas, to speak at commencement.

“Sebelius has a record of supporting abortion rights, and abortion is the issue that really sets Blatty’s nerves on fire,” the newspaper said. “He describes, his voice trembling, a particular abortion procedure in graphic detail. He pauses. His voice is nearly a whisper. ‘That’s demonic.'”

A counsel to Blatty explained to WND that the graphic abortion procedure was partial birth abortion, often done by Sebelius’ friends in the abortion industry. In the process, the live baby’s body is delivered, but before the head emerges, the skull is crushed and the brains vacuumed out.

Sebelius, in testimony before Congress on the catastrophic failure of the Healthcare.gov website, responded to questions about the mandate that consumers pay for abortions as part of their health care.

There also is a requirement for abortifacients, a topic that already has been the subject of dozens of lawsuits against the Obama administration. In large numbers of cases, judges have ruled that requirements by the Obama administration that company owners violate their religious faith and pay for abortifacients cannot be enforced before a final judicial determination on the constitutionality of the demand.

Sebelius was asked during the congressional hearing Wednesday whether offers for insurance to consumers would be “clearly identified and so people can understand if they’re going to buy a policy that has abortion coverage or not because right now you cannot make that determination.”

Sebelius said, “I will check and make sure that that is clearly identifiable.”

But Sedlak said the Obamacare system was set up so that people must sign up and agree to purchase insurance before they are told whether abortion funding is included in the premiums they pay.

He pointed out there is no question about abortion funding. He said in a court case in Pennsylvania, Department of Justice attorneys said if Catholic Charities  objected to paying for contraceptives or sterilizations, the insurance company would have to provide those services and seek reimbursement from the government.

That, he said, puts taxpayers on the hook for abortion funding.

“We get phone calls in the office increasingly from people asking how do I know if my insurance policy funds abortions. I don’t want to sign up for any police like that,” he said.

“Right now there’s no way to tell,” Sedlak said.

He said, however, it aligns with Obama’s long-term, radical dedication to abortion.

“He voted against, while he was a state senator, bills to help babies born alive,” Sedlak noted. “He’s radically pro-abortion.”

Another pro-life organization, Operation Rescue, also raised concerns about Sebelius’ claims not to know about abortion payments.

“We know Sebelius to be a radical abortion activist who, as Kansas governor, invested the better part of her two terms covering up criminal abortions and blocking legislation that would have supplied oversight to abortionists who were running amok over the health and safety of women,” wrote Operation Rescue’s Cheryl Sullenger.

“As governor, Sebelius covered up for filthy and unsafe abortion clinic conditions when she vetoed common sense clinic safety laws in 2003 and 2005. In her 2003 veto statement, Sebelius proudly declared that Kansas abortion clinics met the ‘highest standards for medical care in the country.’ Meanwhile, abortion clinics in Kansas City and Wichita were operating in blood-smeared facilities infested with roaches and other vermin while George Tiller’s late-term abortion clinic in Wichita was sending one woman after another to the emergency room – and one to the morgue.”

Operation Rescue has documented Sebelius holding a “secret soiree” for late-term abortionist Tiller in the governor’s mansion while Tiller was under criminal investigation by the attorney general’s office.

Later, she “appeared at a birthday party thrown in her honor by Planned Parenthood where jubilant abortion supporters danced the conga line in celebration of Sebelius’ policies that aided their cause,” Operation Rescue reported.

“We know the truth, even if Sebelius won’t admit to it. Obamacare has carefully obscured numerous ways to fund abortion through premiums in some cases and through a surcharge in others. That surreptitious funding represents billions of dollars of taxpayer funded bailout money to an abortion industry that has been imploding in recent years. Just this year alone 46 abortion clinics have closed and abortion numbers continue to fall.”

Lila Rose of the activist Live Action organization also spoke to WND on the issue.

Live Action is known for its undercover video stings of abortion facilities, which have been caught violating laws regarding covering up and facilitating the sexual exploitation of minors, providing medical misinformation, using manipulative coercion and facilitating race- and sex-based abortion.

Rose told WND that Obamacare was written for the benefit of the abortion industry.

“The architects of Obamacare have a clear, extreme pro-abortion goal, including abortion coverage in many different ways. Some are public … Others, I fear, we will discover as the massive government takeover of health care continues,” she said.

Already required are payments for abortifacients, she said. Another funding mechanism for abortionists will be the relationships with the “community health partners,” a position for which Planned Parenthood already is lined up, she said.

Obama’s plans “represent the greatest expansion of the abortion industry since Roe v. Wade,” she said. “There’s a whole world out there of other avenues where people can people can receive money.”

She commended Blatty’s comment.

“If you believe that evil exists in the world … what could be more evil than the dismemberment of an unborn child, a child when they’re the most vulnerable and defenseless,” she told WND.

She said for American culture to be “free from this evil,” the nation needs to confront it.

“Voices like Blatty’s are refreshing, calling out evil for what it is.”

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