The Obamacare plan – state and federal exchanges through which Americans are ordered to buy government-specified health care plans from insurance companies – perhaps should be called Obamacare 1.0.

After all, President Obama himself has advocated over the years for what Americans someday could see as Obamacare 2.0 – a fully controlling, nationalized, single-payer, universal health care plan.

With the government running everything.

There already are critics of Obama and the website who contend the Obamacare rollout’s spectacular failure is part of an overall strategy to “transition” to single-payer, that is, socialized medicine.

In a collage of video clips, Obama states plainly: “I happen to be a proponent of a single-payer, universal health care plan. … Everyone in, nobody out.”

He admitted he might not “get there immediately” but that he would “build off” transition programs.

Canada, he explained, had a “similar transition step.”

He called for a “transitional system building on the existing systems we have” and noted that such “transitions” can be “very difficult and costly.”

“There’s no denying part of the solution as we transition … will probably require some additional money,” he said.

The Independent Review Journal suggested that an “upgrade” to 2.0 might not be far off.

” Of course, as insurance premiums continue to skyrocket and price companies out of the state exchanges, and employers continue to dump coverage for employees and spouses onto the government, one must wonder how well a free market can coexist with a government participant that can raise ‘revenue’ through taxes and set the business terms of its ‘competitors,'” the report said.

Paul Roderick Gregory at Forbes said: “The Left is champing at the bit to go single payer, even before Obamacare has begun. … The liberals say: ‘Let’s change the venue and the rules before the game even starts.'”

M. Catharine Evans and Ann Kane wrote at American Thinker: “Putting the private insurance industry out of business was all part of the plan. The president’s 2003 utopian agenda of a single-payer system cannot happen as long as they exist.”

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