(American Spectator) — Two weeks ago Miriam Carey, with her toddler child in the back seat, was gunned down by police and security officers after a harrowing car chase. We now know more about what happened, and what we’ve learned makes the shooting look wholly unjustified.

It would have been justified to kill Miriam had she tried to kill the president or a police officer. That’s not the story that’s emerging, however. Instead, it’s as reasonable to suppose that she took a wrong turn, had a small accident, and panicked.

According to the Oct. 14 Hartford Courant, the police report describes Miriam’s driving as “erratic.” Rather than stopping at a security checkpoint near the White House, she turned around and left, knocking down a policeman in her confused effort to escape. A car chase ensued, with police firing at her moving car, and when Miriam’s car was finally blocked in so she could not move, the police fired into her car, killing her. She didn’t have a chance.

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