Violated by Republican mobocrats

By Mychal Massie

Let me say this as politely as I’m inclined to allow my consternation to suffer. The Republican Party violated true conservatives, and thus the nation also, just as much as if a fraternity of mobocrats had hijacked you in a parking lot, and then, despite all of your protests, they proceeded to have their way with you. And when they had had their way with you they proceeded to tell you how good it was for you while the president of the mobocratic fraternity smiled through cigarette-stained teeth and promised to increase the cost of treatments for the injuries you sustained during the violent attack.

Yeah, I know that’s still pretty graphic, but you don’t sugarcoat the political equivalent of being sexually violated, especially when it is forced upon you by a gang. And that’s exactly what Republicans did to We the People last Wednesday evening. My question is: Are you going to punish them or turn a blind eye and say, “They really didn’t mean it; after all, I think they like me”? Or perhaps you’ll say, “It was my fault,” which would be closer to the truth because if We the People had voted them out in 2012 instead of rewarding their treachery with re-election – Sens. Ted Cruz and Mike Lee might have had help in defending We the People from reprehensible and morally opprobrious Philistines committed to opposing our will.

Cruz and Lee said it all when they stated that things might have been different if Republicans had stuck together. But that was never the plan. The Republican plan was, as I have repeatedly written these past weeks, to cave in while pretending to fight for us. The fix was in from the beginning when Karl Rove gave Republicans marching orders not to fight to defund Obamacare.

In all, 18 Senate Republicans, including Cruz and Lee, had the commitment and guts to buck party orders and act in the best interest of We the People. The others should never be forgiven or forgotten for selling us out.

The idea that Obama and Democrats were blaming Republicans for shutting down government and that same was hurting the chances of retaining the majority in the House and preventing Republicans from gaining the majority in the Senate is crap on the proverbial stick. Karl Rove and the GOP hierarchy wanted Republicans to be blamed for shutting down government, so they could get what they wanted in the first place, and that is to not have Obamacare defunded.

Modern “Stalwarts” (i.e., “Conklingites”) such as me and Thomas Sowell stated that the facts were simple and unimpeachable. It was an abject lie that was as easily refuted as Karl Rove holding up his white board and marker, but Rove had no desire to expose the truth because the truth didn’t fit his and the party hierarchy’s other agenda (which is to appease Obama).

The FACTS are that the House of Representatives voted and approved money to cover every single thing the government does, except for Obamacare. The Senate, led by Harry Reid, refused to vote to authorize the monies the House approved because Obamacare wasn’t included. In other words, Harry Reid said, “Screw you” to the American people, and Senate Republicans went along with it.

And in the process of their going along with Reid, Rove and the Republican hierarchy were able to accomplish another goal, and that was to castigate tea-party members for the express purpose of diminishing and alienating their movement.

Those blathering Republican Party talking points flooded the landscape through the weekend. We heard how Ted Cruz et al. potentially harmed the party, and that all we need to do is discuss how bad Obamacare is, and people won’t want it. To which I say hell’s bells. If that were the case, the Leninist legislation wouldn’t have passed to start with.

In the 2012 general election, 94 percent of congressional incumbents were re-elected to a Congress that had a 9 percent approval rating, and yet the only thing many so-called conservative voters could bleat about was that Obama stole the election because of voter fraud. I’d say the topic that should have been discussed was the failure of those so-called conservatives who made the statistic I referenced above possible.

The question is, have you learned your lesson, or do you like being violated by these Republican mobocrats?

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