Will Holder pursue Capitol Hill cops?

By Joseph Farah

Despite a partial government shutdown, U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder is still pursuing avenues for prosecuting George Zimmerman, despite his clearance by a jury of his peers, for defending himself in an attack in his neighborhood by Trayvon Martin.

I wonder if Holder will zealously pursue charges against the Capitol police for riddling with gunfire the car and body of a young mother and black dental hygienist, Miriam Carey, whose baby was with her at the time.

I kinda doubt it.

Did Miriam Carey break the law? Yes.

Did she have a bad driving day? Yes.

Did she make some very bad decisions? Yes.

But did she try to kill anyone? I have not seen any evidence to that effect.

It sounds to me like she freaked out because she was surrounded by men pointing guns at her and her baby.

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Should the police think twice about pointing guns at people in such situations? Maybe.

Should the police think twice about firing their weapons at a car that might be carrying an innocent child? Yes.

Should the police think twice about using an execution-style firing squad on an unarmed woman when she finally exits her vehicle? Yes.

Why is it that ordinary citizens who defend themselves against attack in their own backyard are hounded and persecuted by the highest law enforcement official in the land, but cops are encouraged to gun down unarmed women in the nation’s capital?

Am I the only one seeing this dichotomy?

I mean Miriam Carey, 34, could barely be identified her body was so badly mangled by gunfire. Come on! You talk about overkill. I think we have some trigger-happy cops in the nation’s capital.

What’s the difference in these two cases in the way law enforcement and the media respond?

It’s that precious government officials could possibly, maybe, perhaps, per chance be endangered in some unlikely scenario by a young mom. George Zimmerman was only protecting himself – a mere civilian, a mere citizen.

This incident in the capital sticks in my craw.

I don’t know what Miriam Carey’s motivations were, but she sure doesn’t fit the profile of a terrorist. I suspect she may have even had some mental problems. Maybe she was stressed out. There’s a suggestion that she had a head injury several years ago that may have impaired her judgment. But I since when do pre-existing medical conditions warrant a death penalty?

I thought Washington didn’t believe in death panels.

I find it ironic that the government was partially shut down over a dispute about universal medical care when Washington police gunned down a young mother with mental health issues when they had her surrounded and on foot.

Are there still Americans who want to trust their own health and welfare to a police state?

I don’t know. Maybe I’m being emotional, but this case stinks to high heaven. If ever there were a need for a review of this kind of shoot-first-ask-questions-later police mentality in the nation’s capital, this is it.

First they let a guy walk into a defense installation and shoot a bunch of civilian workers. Then they gun down an unarmed mother and risk the life of her child in the process.

Does this leave a bad taste in anyone else’s mouth? Or am I the only one?

Do you know why no official in Washington, including Eric Holder, is going to say a word about this outrage? Because they see the Capitol police as their personal bodyguards against an increasingly hostile and dangerous citizenry.

That’s the bottom line.

I can’t help but think Miriam Carey shouldn’t be dead. And she wouldn’t be dead if she did what she did in any other city in America, the places where the ruling class don’t live and work.

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