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California officials protecting violent criminals

California’s Santa Clara County has been highlighted in the “Corruption Chronicles” maintained by Judicial Watch, a Washington watchdog and corruption-fighting organization, for its decision to protect violent criminals from federal agents.

Here’s how the San Jose Mercury News described the recent vote by the county’s board of supervisors to keep its current policy on jailed illegal immigrants, and refuse a plan to turn over those illegals “with a history of serious or violent crime” to the federal government.

“Santa Clara County remains one of only a handful of jurisdictions in the country, including Chicago’s Cook County, that refuse to hold any inmates unless U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement pays for the cost of detaining them – which ICE refuses to do.”

Judicial Watch explained that Santa Clara is taking being an illegal immigration sanctuary “to an extreme.”

“It’s a sanctuary county on steroids, and, not surprisingly, it’s in California,” Judicial Watch reported.

“Nevertheless, it’s preposterous even for a liberal local government that aims to make all immigrants part of its big, happy family.”

The report documented, “The Santa Clara Board of Supervisors rejected a proposal this month to turn over jailed illegal aliens with serious criminal records to federal agents for deportation. The county has always protected illegal aliens, but briefly considered turning over violent criminals to the feds so they could be deported. Instead, lawmakers caved into the open borders movement, passing a measure forbidding even that.”

The board had considered a change in its policy “on the grounds that public safety is jeopardized by releasing violent felons who could be deported.”

The Chronicles reported, “A Hispanic supervisor (Cindy Chavez) who represents a heavily Latino district says she voted for the measure because holding even a small percentage of jailed illegal aliens for ICE would have a ‘chilling effect on the immigrant community’s reporting of crime.’ Chavez did, however, express particular nervousness about domestic violence offenders but evidently not enough to turn them over for deportation.”

The report said a local prosecutor, Jeff Rosen, and sheriff, Laurie Smith, had warned “that freeing illegal aliens convicted of violent crimes or gangbangers poses a significant risk to the community.”

The American Civil Liberties Union argued the other side, claiming “the county’s absolute no-holds policy has actually improved public safety by increasing immigrants’ trust in local police and by reducing their fear of reporting crimes,” the report said.