Radio host Rush Limbaugh

PALM BEACH, Fla. – If Republican Ken Cuccinelli does not defeat Democrat Terry McAuliffe in Virginia’s race for governor Tuesday, there is a strong possibility the GOP establishment will actually be happy, according to talk-radio giant Rush Limbaugh.

“‘You’re losing elections for us!’ I think that’s what they want to say,” Limbaugh said Monday. “I don’t know this, but I’m telling you that I don’t think there would be that much disappointment if Cuccinelli lost.”

“If that’s right, if that happens to be true, stop and think about what that means: that you actually have the Republican establishment with a chance to win another governorship in Virginia, and they’d be OK if they lose it because they’ll get to blame the tea party and conservatives for it. And I think there’s very little doubt that the Republican Party is not happy with its base – tea party and conservatives.”

Limbaugh wonders why establishment figures in the Republican Party have an aversion to tea partiers within the GOP.

“Why should we be afraid of the tea party? What has the tea party been wrong about yet?” asked Limbaugh.

“The real curiosity here … and it’s a genuine stumbling block. It’s a real mystery why do the Republicans not want to win? Because it sure doesn’t seem like they do, does it?”

He said people on the political right are “curious to know why it’s more important for the Republicans to force the tea party to lose than it is for the Democrats to lose. That’s really what they don’t get. Why do the Republicans want their own base to lose before they want the Democrats to lose, when all the tea party wants is for Democrats to lose?

“If there’s a puzzlement, if there’s anything that people don’t get is why in the world does the Republican Party act so threatened by people who want to beat Democrats? That really sums it up. What in the world is so threatening about that? The tea party wants to beat Democrats.”

Limbaugh says earlier this year for his magazine, he personally interviewed Cuccinelli, who has been fervent in his effort to stop the implementation of Obamacare.

“I hung up the phone when it was over and – even during the interview – I was impressed,” Limbaugh explained. ”

This guy is fearless. He was a real man. He was confident, and 100 percent conservative. There wasn’t any RINO (Republican in Name Only) about this guy. I felt really good about it. Then I’m watching this campaign, I see McAuliffe up by double digits, and I know what kind of games they played with polls.

“The polls are now tightening and the Democrats are getting worried going into this, and for the life of me, I don’t … Well, I do understand given the makeup of America, but in just a real human sense, I don’t understand how Terry McAuliffe has a prayer. Do people not understand? They don’t. They don’t. I mean, it is just McAuliffe is not… He’s in there as a placeholder for the real agents of power that are gonna run the state, fundraise and everything that that entails.”

Limbaugh was alluding to President Obama, as he hammered him for telling Americans they could keep their current health plans under Obamacare, when the administration knew they actually could not.

“If you ever hear Barack Obama say, you like your gun, you get to keep it, you know now not to believe it,” he concluded.

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