When you think about it, our feet really serve as a foundation for almost anything that we do. The average adult walks over 1,000 miles each year. When your feet hurt, everything can and usually does become more difficult, so it’s vitally important that we give our feet the care and attention they deserve.

But what I wondered recently was this: what can the average American do to take better care of their feet so that they can avoid things like injury, poor circulation, and the like?

Fortunately, I recently discovered an American-made product called the FootMate System, which goes a long way in addressing the concerns and questions I had, as well as others I didn’t even think about. The Footmate System is made by American-owned Gordon Brush, which has been around since 1951, and you can find out about this great American product at www.footmate.com.

How do I know it’s such a great product, you ask? Because I’ve ordered one for myself and I’m definitely happy that I did, because I know that my feet will be thanking me for many years to come.

The Footmate System consists of expertly contoured brush bristles that stimulate, massage, clean, and condition your feet from a standing position. That means no more awkward or unsafe stooping or bending over in the shower to reach your feet with your hands. I’ve often thought of how risky it really is to have to stand on one leg in the shower so I can wash the other foot. Just one slip or slight mistake could result in a serious injury.

Plus, my feet now get the added benefit of a better cleaning and massage at the same time.

And who knows better than an American company like Gordon Brush how to craft just the right bristles for each and every part of your foot – even between the toes? After all, Gordon Brush has been making all kinds of brushes in America for well over 60 years. The FootMate’s softer inner bristles gently massage the tender soles of your feet, while the stiffer outer brushes soothe rough skin, resulting in the perfect way to pamper your tired or aching feet.

In its state-of-the-art, 51,600-square-foot facility in southern California, Gordon Brush manufactures over 15,000 brushes in various sizes, shapes, and materials for mostly commercial and industrial customers including the military, as well as medical, electronics, and aerospace industries. In short, if a brush exists, they have it. If it doesn’t, then they’ll make it.

The Footmate System is well worth the $49.95 price. You can get the Footmate System for as little as only $39.95 if you opt not to get the accompanying Rejuvenating Gel, but I would suggest getting the complete system.

And I’m certainly not the only one who recommends the Footmate System. On the website, you’ll see support from a host of other “Buy American” advocates and partners, as well as Olympic Gold medalist Dawn Harper, who advocated the Footmate System during an interview with the American Diabetes Association.

It is crucial to understand the connection between diabetes and foot care. Poor foot care with diabetes can lead to serious health problems, including possible amputation of the foot or leg. Regular use of The FootMate System can help stimulate blood flow to the feet and aid in keeping circulation problems to a minimum. The massage stimulates circulation and blood flow to the feet and produces a feeling of all-over well-being and health which is important, regardless if you’re a diabetic patient or not.

It’s completely comforting and refreshing to know that I am now taking proper care of my feet now as well as doing what I can to avoid any potential problems in the future. I would recommend that all fellow “Buy American” advocates do the same by getting their own American-made FootMate System. Like me, I’m sure you’ll be glad you did.

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