(National Review) In Colorado, efforts to recall a third anti-gun politician ended this morning with the news that Senator Evie Hudak, who represents the communities of Arvada and Westminster, will resign. Hudak apparently decided that the election, which if lost could have flipped control of the state’s senate, was not worth the risk.

Hudak is one of many who backed Colorado’s hated new gun restrictions, but she is especially disliked among Second Amendment advocates for having callously dismissed the testimony of a rape survivor during a legislative hearing. The full details of that event – and the wider debate around women and firearms – are here.

YOU READ IT HERE FIRST, NOV. 15: Anti-gunners play dirty tricks in Colorado recall: Warning neighborhoods that petition gatherers may be criminals

Having been roundly beaten last time, the gun-control movement changed its tactics for this fight. For September’s recalls, anti-gun advocates managed to outspend their opposition by 8-1. They lost anyway. In September, they brought in heavy hitters from the Obama campaign and beyond, waging a professional campaign against rank amateurs whose campaigns were widely regarded as a waste of time. They lost anyway. In September, they had reams of positive national news coverage. They lost anyway.

This time, in desperation, the gloves came off.

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