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Kathleen Willey: I'm collateral damage from Clintons

Kathleen Willey knows first-hand what it’s like to take on the powerful – and in her case, devastating – Clinton political machine.

She and her late husband were supporters, and started Virginians for Clinton.  They were among the top fundraisers in the state, and in January 1993 she was invited to volunteer in the White House Social Office.

When she developed a need for a paid position, she appealed to President Clinton, whom she considered a friend. But instead of getting help, she says, she was subjected to “nothing short of serious sexual harassment.”

Later, she was drawn “unwillingly” into the Paula Jones lawsuit, the Ken Starr investigation and impeachment proceedings.

She later wrote about her experiences with Bill Clinton’s sex addiction and Hillary Clinton’s revenge in “Target: Caught in the Crosshairs of Bill & Hillary Clinton.

Tragically, the same day she was fighting off Bill Clinton’s unwanted advances, her husband Ed was committing suicide.

Now, with Hillary seeking a return to the White House, this time as president, Willey has defied efforts to intimidate her from talking about:

Unfortunately, after being swept up in the Clinton battles that have consumed much of her life, Willey reluctantly is asking friends and sympathizers to come alongside her in her fight, as she explains in a website that has been set up to help her.

The gofundme site is headlined “Help Kathleen Keep her Home,” and comes as she is fighting through a maze of refinancing pitfalls and money shortfalls to stabilize her life.

“Kathleen Willey has endured untold personal hardship and anguish for telling the truth, for simply telling the truth! Her truth directly collided with a might political alliance that would do anything, destroy anyone, to protect their blind political ambitions,” her site explains.

The site seeks contributions from those willing to help someone who fought one of the biggest political machines in the nation in decades.

A $50 donation will earn an autographed copy of her book, donated by WND.

“How do you quantify the damages? Her world turned upside down, she lost opportunities and peace of mind, endured mental and emotional stress that few have experienced, loss of security and her personal property and pets, all replaced by a perpetual sense of looking over her shoulder. The powerful political machine ran over an average American soccer mom and virtually left her for dead. Kathleen was one of a few people who stood up to the Clintons and she paid a HUGE price for doing so. It’s been a difficult and trying 15 years for HER, but she has somehow managed to remain steadfast, seeking solace in her little cottage in the country with her beloved dogs and cats. It is her Safe Harbor, the only place where she finds peace, safety, a sense of purpose and closeness to God,” the site explains

The goal is $80,000, which would stabilize her home front.

The complications arose in the economic downturn over the past few years.

“Her home has been scheduled for foreclosure at the end of this month. It’s all she has left and she has nowhere to go. Her family isn’t helping her. Her new bank, Ocwen Loan Services, bought her mortgage on September 1st and will not honor her past negotiations with her former bank, One West. They refuse to negotiate with her now and won’t even put a dollar amount on the table upon which they can both agree,” the site reports.

She says she doesn’t enough funds to hire an attorney.

“Kathleen was one of the very few who didn’t open a legal defense fund during those investigations and she turned down obscene amounts of money from the tabloids because her credibility was more important to her. But, in this ever-changing world of 24 hour news cycles and sensationalism invading the media, integrity doesn’t pay the bills. She has not given up and she is pursuing every option available to her. As her friends and supporters, we have opened this fund to help Kathleen keep her beautiful, little house in the woods. She is a true patriot and we hope that she will be able to continue to enjoy that peace and safety there that she so richly deserves,” the site explains.

Visit Kathleen Willey’s site.

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