Let’s wage war on D.C. hacks

By Gina Loudon

This week, I was asked to appear on Al Jazeera America to give my thoughts on the problems in the Republican Party and where it split on social issues. I chose to use my time on the network to focus on the split in the Democratic Party that few are discussing and the chasm that divides We the People and They the Elite.

All that the hacks in Washington, D.C., do is in the name of power, money or re-election. They pontificate on issues and create crises. For the power hungry in Washington, D.C., it works well. Division and corruption disenfranchise voters and suppress civic involvement; they polarize people on the right and left so far that they engage in class warfare, race warfare and even party warfare. All the while, they (the establishment elite) enjoy the spoils of their sin against the very people who entrusted and elected them. It is heinous.

As Courtenay Turner explained, “The social issue is the elite’s favorite tool used to divide and conquer Americans. They target social issues as a means of implementing policy change. This proves the success of the Frankfurt School, which decades ago set out to normalize the Outliers (a socialist front group), create anti-authoritarian sentiment and essentially destroy family values and structure, which is the core foundation of the principles upon which this country was founded. By targeting those issues, they create instability and chaos (a breeding ground for usurpation), and they create visceral knee-jerk emotional reactions that distract from the political agenda they are tying to implement.”

Democrats have found success in slandering conservatives as racist, women-hating homophobes. Voices on the right and the left are pushing the idea that conservatives lose on social issues and must avoid any discussion of them. I passionately disagree.

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Maggie Gallagher, senior fellow with the American Principles Project, made the argument in the Washington Post that Ken Cuccinelli’s “truce strategy” on abortion and his general avoidance of social issues in the Virginia governor’s race are turning off grassroots voters and have caused his major slide in the polls. Gallagher also points out that this social issue avoidance strategy enables Democrat candidates to take extreme positions on social issues knowing that the GOP candidate will not challenge them on it. That strategy energizes the extreme left Democrat base and leaves the conservative sitting at home wondering when a bold conservative will step up to the plate and run for office.

That split in the GOP is what most in the media like to discuss and amplify, but on Al Jazeera I was able to shift the discussion to the split in the Democratic Party that no one talks about.

The Democratic Party’s slide to the extreme left is not without consequence for Democrats. The statist media try to cover this up, and they will only discuss the GOP party split. But I have noticed uneasiness in many of my Democrat friends.

In my home state of California, the Democratic Party’s extreme push to the left is alienating many in its base, including some Hollywood actors and some in the gay community.

I’ve written before about the extremes that Gov. Jerry Brown has gone to here in California. One example is the new law enabling school children to decide their gender on a whim. One day a boy can “feel like a woman” and enter the girl’s locker room. Then, the next day, when he “feels” like a boy again, he can go to go to football practice and use the boy’s locker room again. I have personally spoken to gay Californians who are very uneasy with the direction in which the Democrat supermajority and Gov. Brown have taken the state.

That extreme left shift by the Democrats is leaving more moderate Democrats without a party. These former Democrats now reject labels and do not wish to be associated with a party or ideology. Other Democrats, like those sympathetic to the Occupy movement, are being shoved off of the other end of the spectrum as they crave the privacy from government that Democrats no longer offer in their party. These Democrats find themselves associating more closely with libertarians.

These disenfranchised Democrats prefer relationships over labels. We are in a new era of politics where people on both sides don’t want to be labeled anymore. I don’t want you to label me and decide you know, from that label, where I stand on every issue. I might disagree with you on one item, but I would rather talk about liberty issues we can agree on, and find where the elite in the government on both sides is subverting our freedom and thrusting us into deeper and deeper debt to pay for their whimsy.

There is also the phenomenon of the gay conservative. Democrats call this a myth, but they are just in denial. I have a lot of committed friends who say they don’t need a piece of paper or the seal of approval from the feds meddling in their lives. Many people I know who want rights don’t want the feds to give them, because they know the cost. As Thomas Jefferson said, “Any government big enough to give you everything you want is big enough to take away everything you have.”

Democrats have always touted “privacy” as a hallmark part of their party platform. They say, “Keep the Republicans out of our bedrooms!” But after the NSA scandals and Obamacare’s implementation, everyone on the right and the left know that our most personal data is now the property and a tool of the government. Soft chuckles fill the room nowadays when a Democrat uses the word “privacy.” The extreme push to the left by the Democrats has caused many in their party to question the validity of what they have always been told by party leaders.

We need to redefine the argument. It is not about Republican or Democrat, gay or straight, male or female. It is about how much power we are going to give the federal government, and how much liberty we are going to forfeit in the process of getting government to meet our needs. Liberty-minded candidates can capitalize on the split and win votes from anti-elite voters on the right and the left. If we are really rational, civil adults, we should be able to come to sensible solutions without a power hungry elite in D.C. telling us what it can do for us. It is time we re-evaluate who the real enemy is.


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