Thomas Sowell sees the epidemic of racial violence in America so clearly – just as he sees most everything, with the vision and insight only an elder statesman can bring to a social disease others refuse to acknowledge because it’s just not “politically correct.”

He alone has written a series of brilliant columns on what has become known as “the knockout game,” a vicious urban “sport” that involves seemingly random, violent attacks on individuals usually based on their racial or ethnic identity.

In his latest offering, he points out how New York police officials, and most media, reacted with surprise when “the knockout game” hit the Big Apple in the form of unprovoked violence in public places by young blacks perpetrated against mostly Jews.

Surprise? Why are they surprised?

This trend, Sowell notes, has been gaining steam in cities across America for two years! “The knockout game” is just one manifestation of the rise of violent thuggery mostly by young blacks. It has been well-chronicled throughout that two-year period in near daily reports in WND and in a popular book by Colin Flaherty called “White Girl Bleed A Lot.” Sowell read the book long ago and provided a cover endorsement for the latest edition.

Still, the racial violence is a taboo subject for most of the media, which explains, perhaps, the surprise factor.

Hatred seldom goes away when we choose to ignore it. Bigotry seldom subsides when it is deliberately covered up. Racism is ugly no matter who the perpetrator is, but it will surely spread when it is tacitly tolerated.

In case you’re one of those who hasn’t heard about the phenomenon of “the knockout game” because of the media blackout, here’s the way Sowell describes it: “The way the game is played, one of a number of young blacks decides to show that he can knock down some stranger on the streets, preferably with one punch, as they pass by. Often some other member of the group records the event, so that a video of that “achievement” is put on the Internet, to be celebrated.”

Do you get the picture?

Sowell, the black scholar, is boldly and courageously stating the ugly facts other pundits prefer not to see.

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It’s time to blow the whistle on this trend or it will only get worse – much worse. And it’s bad already.

As Sowell writes: “But most of the media see no evil, hear no evil and speak no evil. In such an atmosphere, the evil not only persists but grows.”

Again, “the knockout game,” which is now being acknowledged for the first time as a problem by the New York City police and a few more in the media that deigned to report it, is just one manifestation of a much bigger problem of black racial violence. But Sowell makes the point that it is not “just a passing prank.”

“People have been beaten unconscious, both in this game and in the wider orchestrated racial attacks,” he writes. “Some of these victims have been permanently disabled, and some have died from their injuries.”

Why the cover-up?

Sowell has a theory: “Some in the media, as well as in politics, may think that they are trying to avoid provoking a race war by ignoring or playing down these attacks. But the way to prevent a race war is by stopping these attacks, not trying to sanitize them.”

He’s right.

Unless the truth is told and government acts responsibly by cracking down hard against these attacks, the race war some fear will be the inevitable result.

“Providing cover for hoodlums is a disservice to everybody, including members of every race, and even the hoodlums themselves,” Sowell concludes. “Better that they should be suppressed and punished now, rather than continue on a path that is likely to lead to prison, or even to the execution chamber.”

No one has said it better than Sowell. Few seldom do.

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