Why Obama lies

By Mychal Massie

I’m going to ask what seems like a rhetorical question, but it is a legitimate question that deserves to be examined in encouraging articles of impeachment for Obama.

The question is: “Exactly what kind of person is Obama?” At first blush, the simple answer would be that he is the worst kind of human being – the kind who is willing to lie and betray without remorse as long as his lies and betrayal get him what he wants. He is a shell of a human being, consumed by the hauntings of his socio-inadequate childhood and the most dysfunctional, hate-filled, delusional, ersatz couple for parents a child could have short of being an offspring of a parentage between Idi Amin and Emma Goldman.

In my syndicated opinion piece “Darth Democrat” (Nov. 16, 2004), I wrote, “Obama embraces the darkest interests of the uber-liberal socialist.” Specific to that point is the question of why Obama came into office committed to the idea that “his” government should take over one-sixth of the national economy in the form of Obamacare. Where did the idea come from, and why was it such a fixation for him?

Once again, the simple answer would be that government-controlled health care is a hallmark of socialism. While there is a galaxy of empirical evidence that Obama is a hardcore neo-Leninist (i.e., a hybrid of Marx, Mao, Stalin and Lenin) who has since long ago shed his Fabianism, I believe there is still more.

Even beyond Obama’s epic and exposed lies pursuant to his, in effect, sanctioning the murder of four Americans (Ambassador Stevens, Sean Smith, Tyrone Woods, Glen Doherty) in Benghazi for reasons that would have, and still can, destroy him, Obama took lying about Obamacare to depths that make the lies of Presidents Nixon and Bill Clinton appear as bedtime stories.

Obama was captured on video approximately 40 times telling Americans, “If you like your health plan, you will be able to keep your health plan.” He said if Americans “liked their doctor, they could keep their doctor.” At times he added emphasis of saying, “Period.” He called columnists such as myself, reporters and journalists “liars,” threatening and bullying us at times personally, but mostly through his goon-squads.

He continued telling We the People his lies, saying, “No one will take [our current plans] away – no matter what.” Obama would have us dismiss his lies about Obamcare. But we would be fools to dismiss the fact that we now know he was lying even after his staff advised him not to. I wasn’t the only one telling the public in 2010 that Section 1251 of Obamacare (aka the Affordable Care Act) said differently. Obamacare contained language that estimated as many as “67 percent” of customers would not be able to keep their current policies. We were right, and Obama knew it, and it has been revealed that his senior advisers knew it, too, and did their best to keep him from knowingly and deliberately deceiving the people.

Lisa Myers and Hannah Rappleye reported that multiple sources told NBC News that 50-75 percent of 14 million consumers who purchase their insurance individually can expect “cancellation” letters. Obama is still lying when he now claims that two-thirds or more of the individually insured will be able to access even better plans through Obamacare. He is a fool to think We the People haven’t caught on.

But I asked “why” questions in the beginning. Obama lies “because he is a liar. He doesn’t only lie to cover his misdeeds – he lies to get his way. His lying is congenital and compounded by social-psychological factors in his life.” (See “Nero in the White House,” Aug. 8, 2011.)

I have written extensively in my “The Daily Rant” (TDR) blog that Obama suffers from emotional instability that makes him a threat to our national security and drives him to attempt elevating his self-esteem.

He knows that he is the equivalent of an empty suit who found he could prostitute his skin color for free rides. But like most of his kind, when they find themselves in positions of prominence they realize they are frauds and the secret haunts them. Add the dysfunctional parentage and family setting he grew up within, and we understand that he lies as a means to make a damaged person puff himself up to be what he isn’t. Lying has become his first language because his true opinion of himself is one he cannot stomach.

His grandparents forced him into a mentorship with Frank Marshall Davis who was a rabid communist and pedophile, and although it hasn’t been proven, if as I and others suspect, that led to young Obama being sexually molested. The feelings of worthlessness that would understandably bring about combined with a sense of betrayal by his grandparents (who brought Davis into his life) and feelings of abandonment by his biological parents, which allowed for the betrayal by his grandparents, which led to more feelings of abandonment, anger, and worthlessness. This resulted in an unstable and volatile person unfit for office.

Pursuant to my “why” question per his entering office committed to socializing health care – he is a hardcore neo-Leninist, a hybrid communist. What else could we have expected?

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